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New Profile Posts

  1. AllBaneNoBrain
    AllBaneNoBrain moisterrific
    I've been playing since it was released and I want to personally thank you for helping myself and everyone else with builds and strategy. Keep it up :)
    1. moisterrific likes this.
  2. DeadlyPillowFort
    I’m zany to the max with a mallet in my slacks!
  3. AllBaneNoBrain
    The Wulf has come back to Skullgirls Forums!
  4. AllBaneNoBrain
    FINALLY! The Wulf has come back to Skullgirls Forums!
  5. moisterrific
    forum icon still gone lol
  6. JigangLazuli
    Wanna play but can't because reasons
  7. Josh402
    Josh402 Ownface
    Hey I bought the 20$ deal and didn’t receive anything wth!!
  8. moisterrific
    new lists coming
    1. Tom Kulczewski
      Tom Kulczewski
      Jan 20, 2018 at 12:40 AM
  9. Zuzuska
    Question: I see that Raw Nerv now gets Haste under 50% health. Has the haste buff been changed?
    1. Psyche
      The Haste modifier buff has not changed itself, but it has now replaced the pseudo-haste effect that Raw Nerv had before. I believe this may be a nerf as I’ve been told that Haste and the Meter Gain stat share one cap while the old Death’s Door just magnified Meter Gain, but I’m not certain.
      Jan 20, 2018 at 1:41 AM
  10. Renan Flippy
    Renan Flippy
    Fair or Big Top to finish Cerebella's Origin in the three Dificulties
  11. moisterrific
  12. Psyche
  13. Snow
  14. Gustavo Chen
  15. Cellsai
    Beatrix? More like Baeatrix amirite?
  16. Tom Kulczewski
    Tom Kulczewski
    Massive name change inc
  17. ★IXTER★
    Hola ya arrancando con la nueva actualización de Skullgirls 2.0.1 se ve que promete grandes cosas.
  18. Ai Valentine
  19. moisterrific
  20. Candy Cane