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Painwheel's commented Tier List

Discussion in 'Painwheel' started by MatDestruction, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. MatDestruction

    MatDestruction Active Member

    Oct 21, 2017
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    Introducing Painwheel:

    Painwheel is the definition of a glass cannon in this game. She has the highest attack of all characters, however the lower defensive stats of them all, witch means you will be shredding health, but if you get hit by a combo, you are probably gone. A high risk high reward character!

    Character ability: FLIGHT RISK

    "Swipe up twice and Painwheel will take flight! While flying, Painwheel will EVADE some attacks and can rain death from above"

    This is not the most useful ability. I have to admit, it has its uses like surprising your opponent with an attack that they can't avoid or dodging some things, but it also makes you really vulnerable and is punishable. It needs skills to use well.

    Buzzkill - Rank S
    Rarity: Gold
    • 10% chance on HIT to inflict HEAVY BLEED for 10 seconds
    • Gain a permanent stack of ENRAGE every time the enemy health drops below 25%
    Recommend stats: Attack, Meter Gain, HP, Defense

    This Painwheel is a monster. She can destroy squishy characters and snowball from there, becoming even stronger. Also, her heavy bleed helps dealing with tanks and dealing even more DPS. The only downside is that you can't stack heavy bleed, so it's harder to deal with VERY tanky characters. Still, the better one to go with.

    Firefly - Rank A
    Rarity: Gold
    • When BLOCKING below 50% HEALTH, gain 8% HEALTH per second
    • Also gain 8% BLOCKBUSTER METER per second
    Recommend stats: Defense, Attack, HP, Block Proficiency

    This one is really interesting. Although I don't like SAs that requires you to lose health, 50% is not that much, and the payoff is nice. You can also heal back to keep re-using her SA and spam some Block Busters. The downside is, you need to first to get below 50% health, what might kill you.

    Blood Drive - Rank A
    Rarity: Silver
    • 5% chance on HIT to inflict BLEED on self and HEAVY BLEED on opponent for 10 seconds
    • Also gain ENRAGE for 6 seconds for every BLEED effect applied to Painwheel
    Recommend stats: Attack, Defense, Meter Gain, Crit Rate, Crit Damage

    This one Painwheel is the glass cannon of the glass cannons. She can deal a immense amount of damage, however she does a lot of damage to herself, so be careful. You can still kill 2 or 3 enemys before her SA kills herself. Be careful, any mistake will be even more punishable!

    Raw Nerv - Rank B
    Rarity: Gold
    • Gain permanent ENRAGE when your HEALTH drops below 25%
    • Attacks quickly build BLOCKBUSTER meter whenever HEALTH is below 50%
    Recommended stats: Attack, HP, Defense, Meter Gain

    Well, I can see if someone disagree with me in this one, but I feel like there is too much risk for a not so great reward. For you to get that enrage stack, you need to get really low, and being a Painwheel, anything will probably kill you. I just feel you need to take the initiative, and this SA is just too much of a "last resource"

    Rusty - Rank B
    Rarity: Bronze
    • 10% chance on HIT to inflict BLEED for 3 seconds
    • Also converts 2 of the enemy's beneficial COMBAT EFFECT(S) into BLEED
    Recommend stats: Attack, Meter Gain, Defense, HP

    I really liks the simplicity of this SA. She's a bleed machine, and can counter some other characters, as converting Unflinching or Armor can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing. However, not every match up has effects to be consistently converted, also, she's a natural bronze, so she will never have all that great stats

    Twisted Mettle - Rank C
    Rarity: Bronze
    • When suffering a CRITICAL HIT, inflict BLEED for 15 seconds
    • 50% chance on HIT to inflict BLEED for 3 seconds if opponent has BLEED
    Recommend stats: HP, Defense, Meter Gain, Attack

    Well, with this one, you just have no chance against stronger teams. You will make them bleed for some, then die. That's just it, I have nothing else ro say. Maybe you can proc bleed with some Block Buster or Special Move and them proc her SA, but... You are better going with almost anything else

    Rage Appropriate - Rank C
    Rarity: Silver
    • Gain a permanent stack of ENRAGE every time an opponent's attack inflicts more than 10% total HEALTH
    • Once per match, gain HEAVY REGEN for 5 seconds when HEALTH drops below 50%
    Recommend stats: Defense, Meter Gain, Attack

    This time we have one of the worst SA in the game. It doesn't really work against weaker teams since they can't deal 10% of your health in one hit, and against stronger teams they will just kill you if they removed more than 10% of your health in one hit. Don't invest in her, it's not worth.

    Defining tiers:
    S - Really good fighter, invest in it. You can't go wrong, few to no bad match ups, good stats
    A - Good fighter, still worth investing. Has some bad match ups but still really good
    B - Ok fighter, you can invest if you want. Wouldn't recommend, but is more of a niche pick
    C - Bad fighter, don't invest in it. Weak stats, weak SA. Just don't waste gold with it

    Remember, this is my tier list and it's entirely my opinion. Feel free to discuss, agree and disagree! Thanks for reading!
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    Last edited: Jun 19, 2018
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  2. Fel

    Fel wuf

    Jul 16, 2017
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    Overall I'd say I agree with a lot of points on this tier list. I'd just like it if you included what mode you're basing these tiers off of. Is it 30+ streak Prize Fights? Accursed Experiments?

    Twisted Mettle's SA seems to be incorrect? I believe its 15 seconds of bleed when suffering a critical hit. Buzzkill's SA is also wrong, the Heavy Bleed chance is 10% and the Enrage is permanent.

    I think most characters, if not all, can perform well outside of high streak Prize Fights so my comments will be based on how they perform there.

    I'd say Raw Nerv is better than Firefly and consider both for A tier, their SAs are pretty mediocre but Painwheel in general is pretty dang strong.

    Painwheel relies on her "infinite" charge attack chains and bleed inflicting moves, namely Cruel Lily and Death Crawl. Raw Nerv's permanent haste is very valuable in this case and you can keep Death Crawl up for every chain rather than every second one. Raw Nerv also has around 500 more base attack at level 50 (no skill tree unlocks), which adds up after any move stat bonuses. This does also end up factoring into the damage she can deal, although the bleed damage is probably more significant.
    If you do opt for the block/BB strategy, Firefly stops recharging her health and meter once she gets to 50% hp and as a Painwheel that's low enough to be vulnerable to things like Diamonds Are Forever one-shotting you through block. Her BB3 is also sub-optimal as it doesn't provide any bleed.
  3. MatDestruction

    MatDestruction Active Member

    Oct 21, 2017
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    My bad! I copied from moist's tier lists the SA part, but I was pretty sure I corrected it.

    I based mostly in the PF format right now, since accursed is more of a specific situation fighter in each node (you can't really bring a great fighter like Wulfsbane to the node were you get stunned every time you deal 7% max health damage since you will probably be stunned everytime)

    About the Raw Nerv x Firefly, as I said, I think it's the point most people will disagree. Some think Raw Nerv is great, othed that she's one of the worst Golds.
    But as stated, it's entirely my opinion. Thanks for the corrections, btw, I'm editing it now
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  4. Painbae

    Painbae Member

    May 20, 2018
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    Rage appropriate: don't waste gold on this
    *cleans sweat with the amount of gold I've put into rage appropriate*
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  5. Nefarious

    Nefarious Member

    Sep 27, 2018
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    You and me both buddy...
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  6. Made In Heaven

    Made In Heaven New Member

    Jan 4, 2018
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    Well, I disagree with some moments. First, I don't get why everybody loves Blood drive so much? If you want a character who makes opponents bleed and does bonus damage you can use Filia BadHairDay. At least, she can't kill herself. And second - Painwheel Twisted Mettle. Just a little bonus to Meter gain and we can start the round with combo "Swap - Ground chain - Launcher - Air Chain - Cruel lily - Swap - Death crawl" that does normal damage of full chain + special move + BB1 + 15-18% of their max health. If you get critical hit then it's like a guaranteed dead character.

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