• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Normal Rift units power identification

    On Android 7.1.1 on smartphone MI MAX 2, after entering the enemy base map after battle or after looking oponents team, power of his units may shows incorrectly. It shows like units power without any modifications by base rules. Another problem is that on fight in the top of map (before boss...
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    Bug - Normal Rift oponents bug

    No, I mean that after usual win and loos swing then I finally close to new lifted limit of lowest rank (special thanks for that), I take series of much stronger opponents. It does not look like an accident, because it lasts about 5 times (±2, every time on less points
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    Bug - Normal Rift oponents bug

    After lаst update in rift batles began to come across very strong opponents that do not match the rating. Now I have a series of five such opponents. Guys on 50 levels with 900 points