• [2018/06/22]
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    Other Rift Battle Failed to Match

    This is probably something the team is aware of and thinking about, but I'm struggling with extremely high rates of failing to find rift battles. I've searched for rift battles 6 times today and failed every time, which is making it harder and harder to find time to get in my 5 a week when every...
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    Bug - Normal Evolve Max Level Fighter points to wrong fighter

    Hey team, I've been repeatedly (not always, but more than 50% of the time) running into this issue. When I get a bronze fighter to level 30 and the game suggests I evolved them, the button links to a fighter who I previously evolved earlier in the day and is now a level 1 silver. It seems to...
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    Fights Fishbone to Pick (Master) TAF change

    I got her to kill herself with the giant bomb BB but I still don't feel great about this fight.
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    Fights Fishbone to Pick (Master) TAF change

    Hi team, I think you do awesome work on this game and really appreciate y'all. I think the That's All Folks buff was effective and well-deserved. I think that the Master mechanic of "deal 0 damage if your combo is less than 10" is cool, challenging, and fun to work around. I also think that...
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    Resolved Chapter/Location Select Bug

    Device Details: Google Pixel XL System Details: Android 7.1.2 When selecting a location within a chapter (i.e. within Beating The Odds, Basic: selecting between Little Innsmouth, Anti-Skullgirl Labs, or Medici Tower) selecting a locked location always provides the options "OK" (closes message...