• [2018/06/22]
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    Diamonds are a skullgirl's best friend.

    All caught up for now. Don’t know if I’ll be able to complete the catalog again after the 5th anniversary rares are released.
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    Diamonds are a skullgirl's best friend.

    Staying on top of complete diamond catalog:
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    Bug - Normal Game crashing on launch

    For me, I have to either force quit the app or select the app from the background. If I try to open the game normally (main menu icon), the game will not open.
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    Diamonds are a skullgirl's best friend.

    Definitely money required to complete the catalog. Diamond rates are low enough that it's basically impossible to get all of them without buying event relics. I think event relics are the best opportunity to target specific diamonds until they change the way relics work. As far as evolving all...
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    Diamonds are a skullgirl's best friend.

    Here's Parasoul through Valentine:
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    Diamonds are a skullgirl's best friend.

    I finally finished diamond evolution the entire catalog. Here's Annie through Painwheel:
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    4.8 Update Notes (Live now!)

    Seems like a lot of players are concerned about being able to enter only one character prize fight difficulty. Most concerns so far are based on a decrease in total rewards possible. I want to log another concern that may take several rotations to come out, or it may not happen at all. The...
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    This is what the patch notes say: “Many early players were confused by how this feature worked and, when they did use it, their Fighters were often too weak to properly rely on it. To help with this we’ve made two major changes: Fight Assist has been renamed Auto Battle to make it clearer what...
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    Leveling up a Fighters score

    Minor clarification: Stats gained from moves do not affect fight score. Stats gained from skill tree do affect fight score. This makes a big difference because two of the same card with the same fight score might have more than 100% difference in ATK or HP depending on bonuses from moves.
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    2 types of moves?

    Special Moves are the ones in circle and Blockbusters are the ones with movie film. They have several differences. Special Moves - become available for use based on special move cooldown. The cooldown starts high and decreases after the move is leveled up to certain levels. You can equip...
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    Collection "Your Fighter Collection is full!"

    If you don't have room for any one of fighters/moves/catalysts, you can't open relics of any kind. You need to look at which one is full and make room.
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    Other 2021 Roadmap Player Opinions

    SGM start date: Summer 2017 Player account level: 70 Catalog count: 166/166 Highest rift 2.0 rank: Diamond 1 Quality of life improvements are the thing that I really want. Grinding rifts/prize fights/dailies/levels etc at least I'm playing the game. Scrolling through moves/fighter cards while...
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    Halloween - Costume Party Prize Fight

    The in-game mail about the Halloween Celebration says that Necrobreaker will be a prize in the costume party, we just don't know what the requirement will be to get one. My guess is she will still take 100million points to obtain. Annie release doesn't count for this?
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    Collection Can't take my jackpot gift from 30th-day gift

    The login bonus calendar is still on day 23. The day changes at midnight PDT (in just under 15 hours from this post).
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    accuracy's question

    You are right. Heavy Reign has a 50% chance to gain meter on critical hit and 50% chance to gain meter when suffering critical hit. So, 50% accuracy would increase the chance to 75% chance to gain meter on critical hit/suffering critical hit. The amount of meter gained is unaffected by both...