• [2018/06/22]
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  1. ChenDirit

    I made a color palette from zero two for the eliza

    That character looks awesome.
  2. ChenDirit

    Move Slot Capacity

    Thanks for the information, guys.
  3. ChenDirit

    Which diamond should I invest in first?

    Thanks for the information guys, I am a newbie and any info will be useful.
  4. ChenDirit

    Online Introducing Odd Effects

    Thanks for the information.
  5. ChenDirit

    Characters Character customization and Skins

    Yeah, that is a great suggestion. I think skins are vital in a game and it keeps the game fresh without it needing updates for a little time. I play CS: GO a lot and skins are the only things that keep me focused on this game. I buy and sell skins on skincashier and I think these types of...