• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Danny_the_Dog

    Bug - Normal Can’t continue fights

    By moves - do you mean Special Moves or Blockbusters? Remember to be precise as much as you can, and give also names of all problematic attacks. Unless of course, it happens with every equippable attack.
  2. Danny_the_Dog

    Can't play in my country, hopefully soon.

    Were U able to play the game before 2.0.1? Or are U still waiting till the game will be available in Ur country? BTW - Which country?
  3. Danny_the_Dog

    Bug on treasures

    Yes, it is correct. From now on all characters relics (e.g. Unspeakable Relic for Double) have only 50% to give a Double character.
  4. Danny_the_Dog

    Other Bugged relic's

    You have now only 50% to get featured character - in your case Double.
  5. Danny_the_Dog

    OFFICIAL: 2.0.1 Update Notes (LIVE)

    Imo this is Soft Launch version, not the official Release. BTW Where do U come from? I'm curious about the availability region.
  6. Danny_the_Dog

    OFFICIAL: Skullgirls Login / Account Migration FAQ

    I am not sure how App Store works maybe you can try downloading the app as it would be restored for you iCloud (purchased section)? If you can, maybe try downloading app on Android?
  7. Danny_the_Dog

    Resolved Login Bug

    Warsaw/Poland Since 27th Nov about 10 am mine time zone till now Android, Huawei P9 (7.0) Wi-fi private, 4G/3G G+ login method
  8. Danny_the_Dog

    Resolved Login Bug

    Got one crucial question - how the matter of daily reward gonna be resolved after this issue will be fixed? Will all players get Silver Lining relic? Or does each user have to write to LINE for amends? Since we already lost one day and it can get worse.
  9. Danny_the_Dog

    All combat effects explained!

    Are you sure that Doom does not proc even if the fighter is on bench? I am sure in about 90% it will kill tagged out character.
  10. Danny_the_Dog

    Bug - Normal Prize Fight Reward

    There are two things to be said: - reward from Prize Fights can sometimes come with a little delay, due to server's rewards distribution mechanism - events like Medici give only rewards to people who achieved top placements (top 100 I think) in Leaderboards = 30k potins it is not enough I...
  11. Danny_the_Dog

    Bug - Normal iPhone to Android, lost all my Theonite

    I want to add one thing - items (Theonite) purchased for real money from one store (App Store in your case) will not be transfered to the same game on different store (Google Play). It is because both companies have different policies regarding prices. It is true for every game, not just SG...
  12. Danny_the_Dog

    Bug - Normal Immunity does not remove already applied debuffs

    I knew there was some info stating that Immune is supposed to remove debuffs. Not sure if it is still valid and was true at the time Moist described it.
  13. Danny_the_Dog

    Bug - Normal Unwanted closing

    What kind of iOS is that? iPhone 6? 6+?
  14. Danny_the_Dog

    Bug - Normal Shut down during change up.

    You should always include your phone/tablet model and its system version. This will speed us process of finding the cause of problem.
  15. Danny_the_Dog

    Bug - Normal Disappearing Gold Relic

    Not if some issue happens, then it is not displayed but still should go to your Collection. Many people had it and in most cases their reward was correctly given to them. If you are sure for 100% sure you got no Reward use Help button from Options and contact LINE. They tend to do some refunds, etc.