• [2018/06/22]
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    OFFICIAL: 3.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    This is the first update since I downloaded this game that I'm really not excited about. Do any of the devs aside from Zug actually play this game? Because the majority of these changes not only hurt the current meta, but seem to show a clear lack of understanding of what makes a character...
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    Which marquee ability is better for Double?

    The only double I'd consider running volatility on is jawbreaker due to the synergy it has with her SA (and even then, I'd still probably go with chaos). Edit: Xeno might also prefer volatility over chaos now that I think about.
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    A Big Band Tier List

    Heavy Metal over Sax all day e'erday! You're forgetting that bag pipes gives HM 15 seconds of armor on demand. That's plenty of time to wail on foes with multiple bb's at double strength. Sax just can't compete with that.
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    Rift battle boss node dreadlocks fillia

    If it is (which I'm pretty sure it is because I vaguely recall u curb stomping me a few weeks ago), then I'd like the internet know that the harlequin was just a place holder for the diamond brainfreeze that lives there now.
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    Rift battle boss node dreadlocks fillia

    Omg is that my team?!?
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    List of Marquee Abilities

    That's kind of tough call. Heavy bleed loses some of its "heft" in the conversion to perma bleed and I don't have enough experience with class cutter to know how fast she can stack them. Then again, that 5%+15% Regen from leech is kind of underwhelming imo. Granted, classcutter will...
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    DoW or Brain Freeze?

    Brainfreeze all day everyday. Dow is Kool but Diamond Brainfreeze is an absolute monster that will steamroll your entire team if you don't have a counter for her. Plus brainfreeze gets utility point for being viable on offense as well as defense.
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    Cerebella harlequin or pyrotechnique valentine for diamond?

    I feel like Harlequin has one of the better SAs in the game tbh, especially when u consider that pummel horse drains meter to 0 once Bella unlocks her marquee. 30% cool down is pretty sweet lol. As for harlequin vs pyro, idk tbh. I want to say Harlequin but then again, I don't have...
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    "FIREFLY" - Strategy and Discussion

    I agree, diamond Firefly (post grudge buff) is about as annoying to fight against as dreadlocks or RE and her counters aren't as obvious because even if you remove her buffs, her Regen/meter gain is tied to her SA and her stats at diamond are pretty beefy.
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    Zuzuska's FIRE Diamond Evaluation

    I was just about to say this lol. Firefly was already a surprisingly effective diamond w/maxed tainted blood imo, but now, in this brave New "post grudge buff'd" world we're living in, she's one of the biggest defensive threats in the game. Sure, she has to compete w/buzzkill (who can now...
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    Zuzuska's FIRE Diamond Evaluation

    After the buff to sheltered in 2.7, I think she deserves a place on the "best" list. She's like primed's slightly less hawt (but still insanely hawt) little sister with better wife potential (via team support) Her damage potential at gold is pretty crazy already and that only increases at...
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    OFFICIAL: 2.7.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    So does the change to hype mode mean we won't be able to gain charge stacks manually from throws anymore?
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    Fortune Variants and her Marquee

    Anybody know what her marquee looks like fully leveled?
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    As a beginner, how do you deal with unflinching?

    These are all great answers. However, if none of these character specific options are available to you, try using your launcher at the beginning of your tap combo. Mid air combos aren't really affected by unflinching and the knockback from the last hit will increase the space between you and...
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    All Characters Tier List, Offense and Defense (Outdated from 2.6 on, read top disclaimer)

    Not to mention that it only costs 550 skill points to fully upgrade bad hair day's marquee ability compared to parasitic weaves 2,750...