• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Eray

    Bug - Normal Lost my Double Down Relic due to server issues

    Check your fighter collection sorting by recent. If you're sure that diamond fighter isn't there then you'll have to contact dev team for support. https://skullgirlsmobile.com/contact/
  2. Eray

    Resolved Kill joy SA activated through precision kill

    Headhunter's unblockable hits can't be a presion hit. It's a very old known bug.
  3. Eray

    valentine marquee bug or not

    Probably Djinn already have Final Stand from her SA when she get hit or maybe she got curse?
  4. Eray

    valentine marquee bug or not

    Valentine's Trauma Center marquee activates after the hit has been taken. If the hit bigger than 10% of your max HP kills your fighter you can't gain Final Stand.
  5. Eray

    PF calendar?

  6. Eray


    When an opponent running into you and making their D1 attack, they counted as a "dashing opponent". But if AI get close to you enough, they can choose to cancel the D1 attack into a launcher, trip or special attack. So if you hit them after they cancel the D1, you can't get those enrages. Trying...
  7. Eray

    Prize fights

    It depends on the PF. You can check all score cutoffs here: https://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/official-prize-fight-rift-battle-score-reports.845/page-13
  8. Eray

    Strategy to beat treasure node in master difficulty (story)

    You can use Purrfect Dark's curse to block perma regen. Shadow Ops can do this also, you just need to lock your enemy to the corner.
  9. Eray

    4.6 Update Notes (NOW LIVE!)

    Obviously, the name in the mail was wrong.
  10. Eray

    Bug - Normal Heart Of Darkness Ability

    The moment you face Purrfect Dark, her 10 second curse timer begins. Even if you inflict hex in this 10 seconds period it doesn't stop her SA because the timer has begun before hex being applied. This is working for Djinn Frizz the same way.
  11. Eray

    Bug - Normal Head hunter and breaking through the block

    This is a well known bug that lingers in the game for a long time. Devs stated that the bug is very complicated to fix.
  12. Eray

    Resolved Accolades dosent work

    You need 10 different characters for that accolade not variants. Epic Sax and Heavy Metal are both Big Band. Parasite Weave and Bad Ms Frosty are also counts as 1 character since they are both Filia.
  13. Eray

    OFFICIAL: Character Design Paradigms

    I checked Annie's stats and I can say both of her ATK and HP are medium. She is similar to Parasoul.
  14. Eray

    "Ageless Wonder" - Strategy & Discussion

    Yes, they have the exact same stats. 8,5K ATK and 67K HP when maxed.
  15. Eray

    Help finding an "old" guide - Ranking best appliers of every debuffs and maybe also buffs