• [2018/06/22]
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  1. evilgordo

    OFFICIAL - 6.0 Update Notes - Marie's Debut!

    IIRC, Fukua' projectiles are just projectiles and would be covered with the Explosive Tips artifact (and now Suppressive Shots).
  2. evilgordo

    OFFICIAL - 6.0 Update Notes - Marie's Debut!

    So, will these changes be applied retroactively for completed goals over the entire month or only to current 'uncompleted' goals? Looks like they neglected to mention that BP rebalancing will take effect in the NEXT BP, not the current one...
  3. evilgordo

    Other Strange deletion of outdated mail

    Yes, the read/unread 'folders' have combined display limited of 100 messages. Only by reading/deleting messages can you access the messages over this limit (so, yes, 'select all' only selects what is visible and any additional unread messages will display after the first batch are deleted)...
  4. evilgordo

    Fights Training

    That's been on the 'list' of player requested features for some time...just not a high priority compared to other content like new modes/characters/variants/*cough* guilds...some day we'll see a revamped training mode...some day...
  5. evilgordo

    Fights Battle time is too short!

    Yeah, the 3min time limit is a bit frustrating, especially when you're soooo close to KOing that last fighter. But, SGM is not your traditional Arcade fighter (in fact 3min is almost double the average clock in an Arcade game). Since SGM is basically an RPG with arcade fighter combat, the...
  6. evilgordo

    OFFICIAL: Marie Release Details & Relic Availability

    Valid question, and one relevant to my interests, but this post was about Marie availability only. When the 6.0 Update Notes drop all will be revealed...hopefully.
  7. evilgordo

    Quietus DEBUFF

    I think you can only activate star power when you're not in juggle state or 'in the air' during attacks (or something like that, Annie needs to be in the player's control to activate star power)...and the icon indicates that through out the clip, even when Quietus is not applied. I could be...
  8. evilgordo

    Quietus DEBUFF

    Anti-rez tech exists already: Squigly's PA, Biting Cold/Alter Ego's SA and, technically, tagging out a defeated fighter. My theory was that it is similar to Blessing; You only get the benefit of Blessing if you die while the buff is active, same here, you're only 'perma dead' if you die while...
  9. evilgordo

    Quietus DEBUFF

    Interesting...I can see that Quietus does not stack. Hilgard's Haymaker seems to apply the debuff, and when that move is used a second time, there's still time on the Quietus debuff but no second trigger is added to the timer. But what does Quietus do? Might be a counter to an existing buff...
  10. evilgordo

    OFFICIAL - 5.4.1 Update Notes - Parallel Realms and the Backstage Pass

    So, here's a noodle-scratcher; AE has a BP goal (100% 2 times) yet... AE requires a Daily Event Ticket...but played nodes to not count towards the "Complete 80 Daily Events (play or skip)" goal...something doesn't quite add up here...
  11. evilgordo

    TBH...I never really had an issue with the old modifiers...maybe I was used to being in...

    TBH...I never really had an issue with the old modifiers...maybe I was used to being in detention :cool:
  12. evilgordo

    Back to School - A Class of One's Own Prize Fight

    No, It doesn't look like there's any permanent 'labels' for initial team order...I think "2nd-to-last/last surviving" is just shorthand for "whichever member of this team dies first/second, the subsequent teammate enters the battle with..." I do find it interesting the both modifiers are "once...
  13. evilgordo

    Characters Building critless sucks the joy out of maxing a skill tree.

    Ok. Fair point, since I can't even remember when I last looked at just base stats. 😅 So a 'crit-less' build is a bit of a misnomer, in that it is actually a 'low-crit' build...and it seems the even that 'trick' isn't as good, as you say, as command throws that DO have a 0% crit-rate. Yeah...
  14. evilgordo

    Characters Building critless sucks the joy out of maxing a skill tree.

    I disagree. Being able to 'build' your fighter with or without Crit (or any other skill node) is VERY RPG-like. This is more or less an 'advanced' strategy and very situational since only 2 MAs (ATM) care about an opponent landing a critical hit (and to a lesser extent, 2 SAs). The majority of...
  15. evilgordo

    What is the maximum level a player can reach?

    While I agree that player level shouldn't have a cap, however, even at this point increasing the cap (or removing it completely) will still be a poor way to evaluate a player's investment in their collection. Their profile (as limited as it is) gives a better gauge than their player level. We...