• [2018/06/22]
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  1. foussi

    Your worst prizefights moments?

    Heyo guys, so tell me, what are moments in prizefights where messed up completely and lost your streak or nearly lost your streak. I remember when I was at an streak of 28 and was in a fight that was really drawn out. Yaa basically the last enemy was an surgeon general and my diva Intervention...
  2. foussi

    Fun Moments

    I destroyed an 21k flytrap with my phantom threads who isnt even maxed. She totally shredded the painwheel.
  3. foussi

    Variants of the game

    Mine used to be Diva intervention, now its phantom threads.
  4. foussi

    Bandera relics....

    I had luck 1x Blood drive 1x Rockstar 1x Thrill shrieker I didn't expect to get thrill shrieker, will invest in her later.
  5. foussi

    Cinco de Mayo - ¡Viva la Fiesta! Prize Fight

    Lmao true Constant bb3 spam.
  6. foussi

    Regarding Cinco de Mayo prize fight

    Doublicious is really good in this pf since she can steal the buffs.l Also pretty much any variant that can inflict bleed helps.
  7. foussi

    "PHANTOM THREADS" - Strategy and Discussion

    I got her today :D Which stats does she prioritize and which moves would be important for her?
  8. foussi

    What do you like about Skullgirls Mobile?

    I like that its possible to get strong fighters without investing money by doing prize fights and stuff.
  9. foussi

    Evergreen Evil discussion

    Evergreen evil is scary if you think about it. Everytime a fighter gets a buff, she gains meter and the buff also gets extended. Now if she is in a team with a character like rainbow blight, sheltered or primed she would gain alot of meter. Give EE an bb3 and good stats and she basically is...
  10. foussi

    Alone and Sad

    Social distancing hitting us here too Jk I kinda miss the activity
  11. foussi

    Let's Be Friends!

    Heya ,my ingame name is foussi. I am pretty active, feel free to add me.
  12. foussi

    Bruh, had 15 mill points in the eliza pf and it wasn't enough to get diva intervention. Rip

    Bruh, had 15 mill points in the eliza pf and it wasn't enough to get diva intervention. Rip
  13. foussi

    My sheltered is finally gold. Yaaay

    My sheltered is finally gold. Yaaay
  14. foussi

    "Chameleon Twist" Fukua - Strategies and Discussion

    Oki So I did alot of fights with her and her SA 1 is kinda projectile dependant, well to safely trigger it without getting hit by the opponent. She also does surprisingly well without her SA. Pair her with Peashooter and rip the enemies.
  15. foussi

    Fun Moments

    Was able to reach a 26 streak in the squigly pf, so proud. Then I got rekt by an 28.4k painwheel.