• [2018/06/22]
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    Resolved I don't know what happened... but heck! Lost a million!

    I have sent the mail to your account. I know i can count on you to resolve it
  2. FreyRenoir

    Resolved I don't know what happened... but heck! Lost a million!

    Went to upgrade this bby of mine, but it told me the connection failed but took my coins anyways. I mean where else do 1000000 go? Do please check my transactions and if it is proper. Thats just not fair
  3. FreyRenoir

    I came online just to like this..

    I came online just to like this..
  4. FreyRenoir

    Geatish Trepak not counting as a Grab

    Its those details that i figure would be confusing. Geatish starts up as a grab for simplicity, but deals no grab damage, because those are kicks. Lupine pummel deals grab damage because beowulf controls the opponent, kicking them while holding them.
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    I got stuff too whoop!

    I got stuff too whoop!
  6. FreyRenoir

    Hey ;)

    Hey ;)
  7. FreyRenoir

    Don't quote me if you don't have anything to say

    Don't quote me if you don't have anything to say
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    When add a Double?

    Whats a good point about that? Double consists of moves that have not been used for other fighters, which was her gimmick for the original game. Also this point is flawed because her moveset is based off the original cast, where ms fortune only is missing from the mobile version. Why are they...
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    Bug - Normal No hit damage being dealt in fights

    I can tell that this issue is more common when starting the app, jump into a fight. Could be a RAM issue, maybe server communication but i doubt that.
  10. FreyRenoir

    OFFICIAL: 1.5.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Double is, by far, the fighter i am hoping for the most! Make it happen devs! Don't listen to the haters!
  11. FreyRenoir

    OFFICIAL: 1.5.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Y'all ignoring the best thing ever. Shampoo effects. Shampoo effects.
  12. FreyRenoir

    Collection NEW MODE Facing a daily opponent for an unique gold move

    I have thought about an opportunity to aquire gold moves that complement your fighters skills or your playstyle. It would be a nice addition if the game presents you with five gold moves and you can choose one of those. Of course you can check their stats beforehand. Heres how you can have it...
  13. FreyRenoir

    UPDATE: 1.4.2 LIVE / 1.4.1 Android Stability Issues

    Check out the official skullgirls mobile twitter page for whats to come! https://mobile.twitter.com/sgmobile Also facebook page with posts https://m.facebook.com/skullgirlsmobile/posts/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=1
  14. FreyRenoir

    Is there any way to evade Unblockable BBs?

    I'm glad the fighter that i've been working for months is OHKOing you :D
  15. FreyRenoir

    Bug - Normal Raw Nerve losing permanent Enrage

    Something like that is known already! Please if that happens again make sure you don't actually lost it. Check the pause screen if enrage is displayed and check your damage numbers that are displayed in orange when enraged. This helps to see if enrage got removed or its just visual!