• [2018/06/22]
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    Purrminator discussion

    Forced tag-out move > keep destroying everyone else in sight. Unless it is a fight with three Painwheels on the enemy side, but hey, there is counters to nearly every character in this game. That's the key point of balance. Personally, I like this Signature Ability a lot, and I'm eager to...
  2. Gerhop

    Other Rift matchmaking based on power level is backfiring in upper ranks

    I'm not going to discuss a troubles of someone in D1 tier, as a bronze 2 player, but I'm really agree with that statement. While i have some weak and mostly useless modifiers of bronze tier, i've matched up against player with the nearly same fighter strength, but much more powerful catalysts. I...
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    Other Friend Requests

    Or even better - you could directly PM them.
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    Relic's lights

    Blue for bronze fighters. Green for silver or gold fighters.
  6. Gerhop

    Bug - Normal Private Dick Resistance

    It's calculated in-battle.
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    Other Extra Costumes, Suits

    No, it could not. Honestly, I don't believe that they will do a completely new characters or alternative skins ever due to its incredebly high cost. On the official skullgirls indiegogo campaign ( https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/keep-skullgirls-growing#/ ) you could see how much would cost...
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    Help with Prize Fights!

    There is no strategy - just 10k+ total team FS will allow you to easily get all rewards from list. Eventually you'll enhance some of your most used silvers or golds to that point and then, your farm rate will increase dramatically. You should try to focus on everything , literally. All...
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    What Squigly palettes are you most excited for?

    8, 9, 10, 16, 24 and 25.
  10. Gerhop

    Collection “Projectile” Descriptor

    It would be really nice to see, if certain moves or BB's considered as projectile or throw attacks.
  11. Gerhop

    Newbie questions

    They'll stay all the same. "Fighter Skill Tree costs never changes - so don't hold back yourself!" (c) game loading tip.
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    Newbie questions

    1. Save them up to 1k and then buy 10 Premiere Relics. 2. Level up gold\silver moves with good stats and upgrade your most valuable fighters skill trees. 3. Bad Ms Frosty - definitely yes, Temple Tyrant and Red Velvet much less likely. Bad Hair Day is good enough as high dps character (I...
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    BB1 - blockbuster moves that costs 3 or 4 move points, damage from them considered as "High"...

    BB1 - blockbuster moves that costs 3 or 4 move points, damage from them considered as "High". BB2 - blockbuster moves that costs 5 or 6 move points, damage from them considered as "Very High". BB3 - blockbuster moves that costs 7 or 8 move points, damage from them considered as "Ultra", plus, as...
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    "BASSLINE" - Strategy and Discussion

    Also he has a nice synergy with Icy Hot Valentine.