• [2018/06/22]
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    "IVY LEAGUE" - Strategy and Discussion

    Number 1 MVP in my gold fights, besides Primed. I have a more "control" oriented one I use in Silver. My load outs change based on my team building, moisteriffic's builds are excellent recommendations. I'm not afraid of detonating tears to drain BB meters on a blocking AI. For control: Napalm...
  2. IvyLeague

    OFFICIAL: 2.0.1 Update Notes (LIVE)

    I'm very excited for the tweeked abilities. Finally, my level 49 Rage Appropriate won't be such a disappointment in battle. The same applies to Inkling.
  3. IvyLeague

    So, why do you play?

    I started playing this based on a Google Play recommendation after beating Final Fantasy 9. I got hooked after spending multiple hours on story mode and finally finishing it. Now, PFs and Dailies are all I do. I just have fun with the character rosters and developing teams.
  4. IvyLeague

    Resolved Login Bug

    Okay, that's fair then. My devices are both running Android 7.0 and 7.1.1 which are the Galaxy A5 (2017) and Essential Phone respectively. I hope this gets resolved quickly.
  5. IvyLeague

    Resolved Login Bug

    I'm in the same boat with Line. Is it possible that the account migration has begun?
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    General strategy: Double

    Hit and run, defend and setup some BBs seems to be the way I play her. I'm looking forward to a more in depth play style when I get more Doubles.
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    OFFICIAL: 1.6.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Got the same message this morning. Hmmm
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    "TEMPLE TYRANT" - Strategy and Discussion

    She has been really fun to play so far. The healing ability is really situational, however. I'm still trying to figure out her best move pool and how effective she will be in Silver and Gold PFs
  9. IvyLeague

    OFFICIAL: Skullgirls Login / Account Migration FAQ

    This is great news. I'll be migrating my data over later tonight when the server goes up. This means existing Line accounts can be transfered over without losing our data?
  10. IvyLeague

    "BAD MS FROSTY" - Strategy and Discussion

    She seems to play like No Egerets, save that she plays a little more hit and run. I still need skill points to make mine playable.
  11. IvyLeague

    OFFICIAL: 1.6.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Play the Prize Fights?
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    "BIG TOP" - Strategy and Discussion

    Her role on my team is usually a defensive one. She can fit most teams easily as her ability is only for her. She tends to be in with Harlequin, and Rage Appropriate. Her bonus stats from moves are usually allocated to ATK, meter gain and HP. Since she is able to dish out some major damage with...
  13. IvyLeague

    nov 1 midweek mercidi pz cutoff

    I don't think the mail has been given out yet. I didn't get mine either.
  14. IvyLeague

    Two maxed Golds, and solid teams to back them. Yas!

    Two maxed Golds, and solid teams to back them. Yas!
  15. IvyLeague

    OFFICIAL: 1.6.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Parasite Weave is incredible. She's one of the best fighters. My suggestion is boost up some of your silvers, and collect Theonite so you can keep going in PFs. I did that to get Untouchable, Diva Intervention, and Parasite Weave.