• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Lookoutitsluke

    Bug - Normal Fight Ended but Victory Screen Didn't Show

    I was using my Peacock: Ultraviolent against an opponent Peacock: Untouchable. I had killed the other two fighters on that team, while they had killed my Wulfsbane. I also had a Big Band Epic Sax tagged out with maybe about ~25% health remaining. The Untouchable uses Impending Doom, and I use...
  2. Lookoutitsluke

    Is there a way to interrupt/counter BB3 move?

    If you dash up and start doing a ground combo on the computer, it will start shielding. If you continue the ground combo, sometimes it will poke the AI's shield. Either way, as soon as you finish the ground combo the AI will almost always throw out a jab or a trip attack. If you are playing big...
  3. Lookoutitsluke

    Moisteriffic's Complete Tier List (2.0)

    There are a bunch of S tier characters here, but which character would you say is the best? I notice that all the S tiers are high-damage based (except maybe diva intervention and rainbow blight), but which one does the best job of dealing that damage?
  4. Lookoutitsluke

    Name changing and account linking

    The best way to change your name is to make a fake email and change your linked email to it in the settings. Services like Mailinator allow you to make an email with a linked inbox that you can access, just make sure to delete any emails you get because the account won't require a password.
  5. Lookoutitsluke

    Glitch? 7.5 mil didn't get the event rewards on Valentine PF "Gold"(12/25-12/28)?

    This happened to me too. I had 3.5 mil in the gold match and did not receive any reward. At first I thought it was a glitch only affecting me because I started a match about thirty seconds before the room ended, and after that match it kicked me out. Now that I see other people were affected by...