• [2018/06/22]
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    Official Skullgirls Discord Chat

    You must read the rules then agree to a phrase at the end of the rules. If you do not like this idea try kindly messaging a mod on the discord.
  2. Magma442

    Other Stage interaction

    reminder SG mobile is kinda pushing the limits already, plus a rain effect and lighting effect wound have to b hand drawn and the effect artists are kinda busy with indivisble
  3. Magma442

    Other Chat

    this might actually be a neat idea. but global chat with a filter seems more likely.
  4. Magma442

    End of the Year Thoughts...

    When Bella?
  5. Magma442

    Story Please make story playthrough like Encore

    Budget and time. Lab zero is currently busy with indivisible. Plus to my knowledge encore isn't animated, simply has voice story. third reason is they're probably already pushing what can be processed (entire game is 2d animated that's already massive for a phone.) having animated cutscenes...
  6. Magma442

    [OFF TOPIC] How to start a Fight 101

    Ok so I had to look through the thread. Now an off topic thread for now is fine, however I'm going to have to put my foot down on stuff. Off topic discussion is fine, you may even talk about ships however don't get creepy with it. I saw a lot of stuff earlier In the threads that came off as...
  7. Magma442

    OFFICIAL: 1.4.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    OK I'm going to step in, I wish to kindly ask to tone down the hostilities towards other users. theres bugs and the thread is here to try to help and resolve them, please refrain from hostile comments.
  8. Magma442

    Bug - Crash Patch 1.3.0 bug thread I guess

    I seem to be unable to update my data as it is frozen at 42% overall
  9. Magma442

    Please compile a list of your bugs and post them in bug reports. we cannot see these bug reports...

    Please compile a list of your bugs and post them in bug reports. we cannot see these bug reports from your own profile.
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    Official Skullgirls Discord Chat

  11. Magma442

    Oh where oh where has my squiggly gone?

    little late but @brassknux and @BrolaireOfAsstora please do not drag on waifu wars take it to PMs. I do not want to have a thread derail. That being said i expect Squigly will come into the game very soon. no reason they wouldn't keep her out for very long.
  12. Magma442

    open beta testing rewards?

    Hi, finally got the chance to play the game, however I have a question. Many many months ago was the somewhat open beta testing (where emails were sent out to backers, and players.) I think you said there would be a special kind of boost to help those who beta test during that time. If so did...
  13. Magma442

    Which new characters would you like added?

    Feng, I need my Chinese akrobat waifu
  14. Magma442

    Please add this character to the game!

    Keep beowulf in the pound.
  15. Magma442

    What We Know? -Season 1 Spoilers&Speculations-

    Honestly if I found a fully cooked five star meal in a barrel or a wall, still hot and tasty, you'll bet I'll eat it. Bella's got the right idea.