• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Midnighte

    Other Special Move Indicators

    I think the special moves like Upper Khat or Cat Scratch (I think) should have an indicator that it can be tapped three times. If a new player who hasn't seen the pc version got that move, I think they wouldn't know that you could tap it multiple times.
  2. Midnighte

    Disscussion for the new coin shop

    I think it`s a good way to add certainty to getting more characters, rather than relying on relics to get them all.
  3. Midnighte

    New Silver Fighters Discussion! (Unofficial)(6)

    There seems to be a new video of a silver Double named Myst-Match, and her SA seems to be named Shape of Slaughter. Thoughts?
  4. Midnighte

    Other Push Notifications...

    I don't, so what's up with that lol
  5. Midnighte

    Other Push Notifications...

    I definitely agree with this! I would also like a notification for when your daily relic/4 hour relic is ready to collect
  6. Midnighte

    Other View missions more easily

    I would like to suggest a way to view ongoing missions more easily. Currently (to my knowledge), the only way to view ongoing missions is to finish a fight then go back home, and to continue the fight, you would have to go back into the menu. Maybe there could be a way to view it by tapping a...
  7. Midnighte

    The only Cerebella combo you'll need

    this is why they'll limit one move per combo
  8. Midnighte

    SG Custom Fighters

    All of these cards look great. I think Angery Tree and Countervenom should be relic exclusive on april fools lmfao
  9. Midnighte

    2.6 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    I'm most excited abt changing your profile fighter so that i can finally not have Cerebella on it being all smug lol
  10. Midnighte

    Bug - Normal Squigly Frozen in Ground Attack After Enemy Used Battle Opera

    I also had this bug happen to me. I was not playing Squigly, but I noticed the enemy Squigly seemingly stuck to her ground animation. I think I used Beast of Gehenna just as she attacked, so using a blockbuster may be a possible cause. (Pictures in link) In the pictures, I was not getting hit...