• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Mistress of Cobras

    Resolved Flytrap permanent regen

    That's not a bug. That's a buff without timer.
  2. Mistress of Cobras

    Resolved Алмазная реликвия в поручениях

    Дело в том, что должно быть 10 именно разных персонажей. То есть не должно быть 2 или более Парасоул, к примеру. Твоя слитая Церебелла засчиталась. Тебе нужен на данный момент ещё один любой алмазный персонаж из списка: Энни, Элайза, Беовульф, Амбрэлла, Робо-Форчун, Мисс Форчун, Фукуа.
  3. Mistress of Cobras

    OFFICIAL: Daily Events & Upcoming Economy Updates

    I don't think we have lost just Canopy Coins farming. We could earn skill points and moves in one node before 5.1 update. So, we can't do that now. I know that devs are planing something new but Daily Events now have a lower priority.
  4. Mistress of Cobras

    OFFICIAL: Daily Events & Upcoming Economy Updates

    Okay. You've reduced the number of Canopy Coins in Daily Events but... What did we get in return? As I understand it, Daily Events are more of a resource for moves and skill points for now. Wait... Skill points? Really? Maybe you should increase this type of resources in Dailies? It would also...
  5. Mistress of Cobras

    Resolved immunity bug

    Decrypted was also given that invisible immunity in the video and Surgeon General in the screenshot by Roven. What about the invisible armor? I think it really was Annie's MA. I didn't detect such a thing myself.
  6. Mistress of Cobras

    Resolved immunity bug

    Same thing. Today I was beating Holodeck Hazards after that event and my Rainbow Blight can't give debuffs to Dreadlocks. There were no Surgeon Generals or another char who gives immunity. It just shows "immune" without immunity all the time. My friends also faced this bug and recommend to rerun...
  7. Mistress of Cobras

    Bug - Normal Special move cooldown lag on Filia

    Same thing. I don't know if it's a bug or not but it happens even with another combo sometimes.
  8. Mistress of Cobras

    Bug - Normal Everyone is rookie.

    I know that it's a visual bug, but everyone is rookie!
  9. Mistress of Cobras

    Bug - Normal Game lagging

    After a reinstalling it became easier to play. Thanks! But "ok, I'll do nothing" problem still exists. I've lost my streak 2 times already. That problem faces me only in the event. Please check this.
  10. Mistress of Cobras

    Bug - Normal Game lagging

    When will be optimization? After new update, it's impossible to play in the event. Of course, I know that my phone isn't that good, but lags are insane! The fighter sometimes does anything, but not what you want. This has never happened before and I'm not the only one with a problem. Device...
  11. Mistress of Cobras

    Bug - Normal extraneous music plays in the game

    Same problem. I've faced this many times. And I noticed that when viewing two ads, it disappears! But after restarting the game, the music appears again. So, you have only two chances per day to fix it. :D
  12. Mistress of Cobras

    Bug - Normal A couple of interesting moments.

    Hello! There are two moments I want to share with. I found something strange after characters PA update. I took Valentine against Robo-Fortune. When Valentine's HP was below 25% and she suffered from 5 stacks of power surge I used BB3. Of course, she was dead, but for the moment. Yes, she was...
  13. Mistress of Cobras

    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    Screenshot was taken at 10:53 MSK