• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Mortaven

    OFFICIAL: 2020 Preview

    My excitement for the new char is the HYPEST. I admit, I'm still a lil unsure on Fukua, since she wasn't very unique in the base game, buuut I realize they can totally change that here, so I'm intrigued to see. Also, looking forward to new, hard endgame challenges! And, though its lower on the...
  2. Mortaven

    OFFICIAL: 3.3.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Awesome, always excited to see a new patch with new content, and new story! And very glad to see Blockbusted and Into Thin Air have a Nerf. o_o; I am surprised to see that Futile Resistance is not getting tweaked though. The way I originally read it's text seemed reasonable (thought it...
  3. Mortaven

    OFFICIAL: Robo Fortune Release and Possible New Characters

    First page in the thread, the link for "Brand New Characters" (I'd link it here if I could) Sounds like, for the original game at least, she had a passively-increasing burst power that could be used regularly for small bursts or saved for bigger bursts. Seems like maybe something between...
  4. Mortaven

    OFFICIAL: Robo Fortune Release and Possible New Characters

    On the character concept page, they have ideas for how each character's gameplay would be realized. Definitely sounds like they have a unique idea for Umbrella, totally different from Parasoul's play style.
  5. Mortaven

    OFFICIAL: Robo Fortune Release and Possible New Characters

    Indeed, Indeedz, the decision on who to make the first new character is very intriguing! Is it already decided? Will it be a method of voting? Veerry excited and curious.
  6. Mortaven


    Yuuush, Heh, I was only a lil interested in Umbrella way back in the initial DLC character list...but that ending to Parasoul's story...just dropping that bomb so casually. She might be my top pick now for a new char. -w-
  7. Mortaven


    That...makes me incredibly excited, I've been looking forward to more of the Skullgirls cast coming into the spotlight since forever! Wonder who may be first~
  8. Mortaven

    Bug - Normal characters do not match selected

    Same problem. It seems to stick, regardless of going to my base, resetting the game, etc. The displayed score of the encounter reverts, but once I click on it: returns to a team from a previous rift battle. Though once I fought them, and tried again, the battle became the correct one.
  9. Mortaven

    Bug - Normal Dead of Winter Squigly 0 Damage Forever

    AI Dead of Winter Squigly revived as per her ability with 5Armor in the High Tide Prize Fight. I then broke the 5Armor with a Vulnerability debuff from peacock. Despite Squigly no longer displaying any armor, she took 0 Damage from everything for the remaining 2 mins of the fight, as though...