• [2018/06/22]
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    How did you do on the last Prize Fight?

    The last prize fight was the first one I could really compete in, and I landed in 1-10% with just over 1.1m points. I was surprised, I thought I wouldn't get into that bracket since the top prize bracket is much higher than that. How'd you guys do? I'm especially interested in finding out what...
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    How are you supposed to beat this Cerebella daily?!

    Diamonds are Forever and Battle Butt are key, especially if you're underlevelled. You need to get armor break -> Diamonds are Forever (you get a gold one from the event) or you risk dying to shield poke, even if you throw break and block everything.
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    How are you supposed to beat this Cerebella daily?!

    Second treasure node on this Expert Cerebella is ridiculous. 2.5-3k opponent with a bunch of special buffs like Untouchable Peacock's Invincible... And permanent unflinching. So how are you supposed to beat a computer that's strong as hell, throw breaks you every time, and that you can't hit...
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    Post your collection

    Oh if it gets to 100% at max perhaps I can be convinced to spend money for a gold Valentine Having that unconditional combo extend is really dirty. Also thanks to parasoul I'm 2 stages away from 100%ig the story mode.
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    I can't play Valentine

    It's a bug or your speaker's busted. Turn the treble up and listen to Moonlight- Ariana Grande or a similar song
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    Post your collection

    Valentine feels underpowered in all her variations, which is a shame because she has my favorite basic move set and visuals. Her stun syringe needs to be 50-100% stun as well- as it stands its overly risky to prep and most of the time you will just break your own combo by using it. 140 relics...
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    Quick Little Story Rant

    I beat this stage with Icy Hot as well, it was ridiculous. I had to use like 3-4 energy refills. This stage is definitely broken. Most of my runs I got killed just from block damage while waiting for a opening. I couldn't win until the AI took a bunch of bursts/taunts.
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    Resolved Energy refresh on level-up inconsistent

    When my cards level up in story mode, sometimes they get energy back and sometimes they don't. Most of the time, they don't unless I kill my app and reload it and that works less than 30% of the time. iOS 10.3.2 iPhone 7+
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    Tier list as of 1.2.0 (outdated)

    I believe Blood Rage Painwheel should be at least mid tier because enrage on bleed and innate Heavy Bleed procs are insane combined with all those high-hit moves and Painwheel's high base damage. I believe Resonant Evil Big Band should be high tier because getting armor an %chance to stun your...
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    What are these ridiculous gold rates...

    Mods feel free to close this thread and let it sink to the bottom. It's not generating any useful discussion. Rates are posted, despite all my salt that's all I really wanted. Devs enjoy the money, it's not much to pay for good art.
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    OFFICIAL: Fighter Relic Loot Rates

    Thanks for posting these rates, I appreciate the transparency.
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    What are these ridiculous gold rates...

    So you're saying that it's my fault for not proceeding as if the game's rates/algorithm/devs are predatory, and there's no problems with terrible rates at zero transparency. That's a fair statement I suppose and this thread exists to warn others that would spend. Also, for data: How many pulls...
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    What are these ridiculous gold rates...

    Slot machines are regulated and programmed to pay out a certain percentage of their earnings, up to 98% At a casino you can look up rates for the games before you play them and they're federally regulated. If the exact rates were displayed before the pull I would agree with your point...
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    What are these ridiculous gold rates...

    Quick google search shows a .5% rate for 5*s over 82.7k logs https://swarfarm.com/data/log/summons/mystical-scroll/ Abysmal rate, but 10x higher than you claimed @TeitoWolf as for your cereal argument, we don't know if anything was wrong with the cereal or not. My point is I got an extremely...
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    OFFICIAL: 1.2.0 Update Notes

    I posted my story mode progress in my other thread. If you bothered to actually read the thread instead just trolling me for some weird reason you'd know exactly my situation/numbers. Like I said, I'm no stranger to RNG. I've dropped over $2k each on games like FEH, PAD, and others. I posted...