• [2018/06/22]
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  • Happy Birthday Princess Parasoul! I opened the skullgirls Mobile Relic 100 times as a celebration. 😊
    I have decided to stop all interpersonal and interaction content. The details are difficult to translate into English, so please allow me to omit them.

    From now on, you will not be able to chat or exchange gifts even if you log in. If you are unhappy with this decision, please unfriend me. I will not mind it. Thank you very much.
    I just filled out the Skullgirls Mobile survey. Glad to see Queen Nancy was an option! I love her. I would love to have an avatar of her someday. 😊
    I was looking forward to my monthly backstage pass, but I am sure such harm will be continued. I will not be able to compete this month, so I will try again next month. Until next month, goodbye. 😔
    I do not speak English. This is a machine translation by deepL. 3/3
    It is impossible for an amateur artist to operate a private social networking account with a view to being appointed as an official artist in the future. Thus, by the time an amateur artist becomes an official artist, it is of course possible that his/her work is already disliked.

    There may not be many para-soul fans like me. But if her social networking sites were mostly in English, there would be many more parasoul fans who would feel the same way I do. 2/3
    I love the Skullgirls Mobile. But I have had some bad experiences with the Skullgirls fan community on social media. I can't say that all of my experiences with the fan community have been good. Everyone is honest about personal things, especially on private accounts. I'm sure we've all had bad experiences to varying degrees.

    This month, for the first time, I stopped paying for the backstage pass I looked forward to every month. 1/3
    Backstage passes for October have been cleared. I am glad I was able to clear it within the time frame. Will Parasoul be here next month? Looking forward to it.
    Thanks to everyone who has friended me on Skullgirls Mobile.
    I've been low on friends for so long that I've exceeded my gift limit of 50. I won't be able to send gifts every day from now on, but I'll send more as they accumulate.
    Sale of limited avatars. I welcome this attempt, but it is difficult to buy them all and have them all. However, if there is an avatar of a character I like, I would buy it.
    I'm glad to see Queen Nancy in the official Skullgirls youtube short video uploaded today. She is my favorite character. I would love to have a limited avatar someday.
    Thanks for the 6.0 Update. Glad to see improvements in backstage passes! I enjoy this content, but I don't do well with actions, so I'm glad that I can now choose the skip feature. I am very excited about the new Parasoul that will be implemented in November. I would love to have it! 😊
    I was able to clear all my backstage passes this month. This is the first time I have received a sparkling card with my favorite character. I am very happy.
    I got Valentine's 1st avatar as a bonus for my backstage pass! Very happy. I will continue to challenge.
    Yesterday I connected to the in-game chat for the first time and asked for friends, and I am happy to see that many people have registered. However, I'm not very good at chatting, so I don't think I'll connect again until I'm looking for friends.
    Glad to see Valentine and Double on the new Backstage Pass. It's hard for me to clear them all but I want all the avatars so I'll do my best.
    I don't handle fighting games well, and I'm glad skullgirls mobile is easy to control and offers lots of cool action. I haven't played for a long time due to various reasons, but I'm back at it.
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