• [2018/06/22]
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    "DJINN FRIZZ" - Strategy and Discussion

    which marquee do you think would be better for her? I usually think the first cut is the better choice regardless of the Filia, except for her. What do you guys think? Is the high damage thanks to those perma enrages, and thus a better healing with Leech, really better than The First Cut? I...
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    Preventing infinite combos

    oh yeah, special moves too! Forgot to mention those
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    A whole life that could have been but wasn't

    A whole life that could have been but wasn't
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    Preventing infinite combos

    they don't allow us to use the same BB more than one time in a combo, we can't ''stun'' (that kind of stunning that pummel horse inflicts) more than once per combo, nerfed cerebella's marquee and nerfed parasite weave's SA
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    Mummy Dearest Eliza

    which marquee would be best on her?
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    Lock N' Load help

    Got a pretty good one stat wise but it just doesn't seem to combo with anything, quite frustrating tbh. Does anyone know a good combo with it?
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    Resolved Didn't receive the 10+1 premiere relics I bought

    This happened just a moment ago, I bought the pack for 1000 theonite and after a long loading it said an error had occurred (error code: -1 iirc, didn't pay much attention to that though). Then, I pressed ok and tried to buy it again but the game said I didn't have enough theonite, so I exited...
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    what is that?

    what is that?
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    I'm back from a 6 months hiatus and in need of some tips for Ms.Fortune

    I'm back from a 6 months hiatus and in need of some tips for Ms.Fortune
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    A Parasoul Tier List

    Wait you can only get princess pride from parasoul's relics?
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    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    UTC-3 on the current Dark PF
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    Coins Avaiable Per Week

    I thought of adding this info as well, but since moves aren't a ''direct'' coin reward and it's up to the player to sell them or not I prefered to leave them out.
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    Ms Fortune colour pallets

    From most to least favorite: 25 12 11 5 8 3 Don't have a preference as to which should be gold, silver or bronze. I just hope they are all good