• [2018/06/22]
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    OFFICIAL: 2.2 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    What the heck is going on?! Just started daily gold prize fight and had to fight 3 300 point fighters with a 3 5k+ fighters. Barely made 20k when I should be scoring 100k+! You have cut the rate to 50% on specific relics,cut currency rates every patch and generally done everything you can to...
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    The game lag is really BAD!

    How much longer till the lag is fixed? When the new version of skullgirls came out I expected problems (the server blowing up was not one I'll admit) but after a month game lag is just insane. Every time you phase out of fights,relics,or collections the screeen either locks up in a black screen...
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    OFFICIAL: 2.0.4 Maintenance Complete + User Data Details

    I wonder what Amazon is offering them to make up for killing a month's worth of data? Hope it is worth all this trouble!
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    OFFICIAL: 2.0.4 Maintenance Complete + User Data Details

    Quick question, the game rolled me back to January when the line change happened with my old line ID. I made a new one with google and started playing with it before the server blew up. What happens if I log in with the google id? Is it still "alive" so to speak? My fighters are showing but my...