• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Rithore

    OFFICIAL: Display Name Reservation (CLOSED)

    When will the list be updated again?
  2. Rithore

    Price fight Blood sport

    Thank you, I love the information, because the grind is kinda long if it were something like 20 mil the grind would be insane!
  3. Rithore

    Price fight Blood sport

    Thank you this is very helpful, since I didn't know I went a little overboard with the small amount of 21 mil, now I know that that is more than enough to get me the 10%
  4. Rithore

    Price fight Blood sport

    I would like to know if anyone know the general amount of points needed to either get in the 1-10% tier or the 1-100 tier. (Obviously to get the gold Eliza) I am quite new to any kind of forum so if I do anything wrong or against community guidelines please let me know!