• [2018/06/22]
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  1. StormedSoulz

    Character ability: Star Power

    Look at some of the BBs move trailers. It is possible to turn it on and off at will. Only at max however will it freeze the opponent; much like how stage opera preforms.
  2. StormedSoulz

    "BLOODY VALENTINE" - Strategy and Discussion

    Quick Tip: Some CAs (Character Abilities) like Beowolf, Ms.Fortune, Squigly (basically anyone where you have to press a button to activate it) triggers Bloody Valentine's regeneration.
  3. StormedSoulz

    OFFICIAL: 2020 Preview

    I've mentioned this before when accuracy was first implemented, but just for reminders. Is there anyway for you guys to show the affects of accuracy on different characters SAs? Example : Just Kitten getting a 12% accuracy boost and showing a 50%+11% increase chance of her converting debuffs...
  4. StormedSoulz

    OFFICIAL: 4.0.2 Update Notes (Available now!)

    I just have a question about the accuracy sub-stat: When viewing fighter's profile, will we be able to visual see the SA activation chance increasing (if I'm upgrading a move from 9% to 12% on a Frayed Ends for example, will I be able to see the stat increase from 21.8% to 22.4%), or is...
  5. StormedSoulz

    OFFICIAL: 3.0.3 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Is it possible to add a replay system so we can see how fights played out?