• [2018/06/22]
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    Who's on FIRST?

    For me Diva Intervention is number 1, followed by parasite weave and Epic Sax
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    Moisteriffic's Complete Tier List (2.0)

    Epic Sax is one of the best, Big Band, in general, has the highest combo potential of any character and while it takes more skill to pull off you can at least get very close to an infinite combo. Moisterrific somewhere on here has or had a video of a 1000 power big band soloing a team over 13x...
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    Moisteriffic's Complete Tier List (2.0)

    I wasn't denying that they weren't great characters, I like playing with them but my point was they aren't on the same level as the other characters I mentioned. Lot's of characters can solo high streak teams, big top and No Egrets for example I can use to solo such teams but I wouldn't put them...
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    Moisteriffic's Complete Tier List (2.0)

    I don't think Primed, Harlequin and Ultraviolet deserve to be in S tier. I like playing Harlequin and Primed but they don't have either the damage or the utility to stack up to the likes of Epic Sax, Parasite weave, Wulfsbane or Diva Intervention.
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    Other Gifting Feature

    I feel like it would be too easily exploitable, if this did happen I'd make multiple accounts and just send stuff to my main. My main has 6k theonite just saved and I could do that with a new account and just send a ton of relics to myself.
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    Fights Prize Defense

    They are already planning on doing this,its in the 2.0 update notes
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    OFFICIAL: 2.0.1 Update Notes (LIVE)

    Will relics we have move from our old accounts to the new app or will we have to open them all before hand. If they do transfer over will the fighter relics change from 100% to 50% and will the drop rates for gold be adjusted when on the new app.