• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Tharja

    Bug - Normal Infinite Energy

    No they have no energy nodes unlocked
  2. Tharja

    What palettes and signature abilities do you hope to see for future fighters?

    Eliza Skin 11 Eliza Sorceress Quote: "I'm always watching you!" SA: Vengeance: 50% chance on crit to gain Enrage which scales off of Damage (if you have 50% health it lasts 5 seconds, if you have 10% it lasts 9) This is based on the Vengeance class skill for the Sorcerer which is...
  3. Tharja

    Bug - Normal Infinite Energy

    I've actually managed to reproduce it with my headstrong Cerebella who's bronze. Despite it not being character locked it happens to my painwheel constantly out of the 8ish runs I did of trying to beat Valentine with my painwheel 6/8 times it happened yet with others in the same circumstances it...
  4. Tharja

    Bug - Normal Infinite Energy

    When playing as Rage Appropriate Painwheel I can continually press replay far beyond what my energy allows me. It's only been for Rage Appropriate and no other characters exhibit this. I've only tried it one one stage being the third story mission on advanced on the first area against Valentine...