• [2018/06/22]
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Recent content by Tyler. the Yandere

  1. Tyler. the Yandere

    Craic some heads PF tips!

    I wanted to share some tips for this PF since while it isn't the worst in terms of difficulty, it can be a bit of a headache on higher streaks. Note: I made this thinking of the final stand + immunity modifier, since I find it's the most troublesome. Note #2: This is probably incomplete, so...
  2. Tyler. the Yandere

    Let's Be Friends!

    hi! my ign is Tyler. the Yandere feel free to add me!
  3. Tyler. the Yandere

    Other Suggestion - Key Trading System

    After you finish all basic story modes, it becomes very hard to get Bronze Keys. The only options are Accursed Experiments, which only gets you a single Bronze Key, and Bronze PF. Accursed Experiments is not much of an option since it only grants you one key and the fights are extremely hard -...