• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Unshiun

    Bug - Crash Force close during RIff and Prize Fights

    I have Iphone 6 and on good days it runs perfectly fine but once in awhile (too often) it force closes only during these events. Does the Iphone 6 not have enough power to run the properly because once i receive a force close that counts as an automatic loss. In Riff battles one loss battle...
  2. Unshiun

    Bug - Normal Missing Prize fight reward

    Great Thank you, I made the check and it was reflecting.
  3. Unshiun

    Bug - Normal Missing Prize fight reward

    My first post and its to complain. I completed the Filia prize fight yesterday and upon opening the game i received my bronze and gold mail but i never got any notification for my silver Filia. Should i wait for it to be delivered or should i just forget it like a bug in the game...? Any...