• [2018/06/22]
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    Untouchable and bb3s

    Yeah I've seen it with Valentine's BB3, there's just two hits and I've seen Untouchable dodge both. :-(
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    Just... Super new, and unlucky

    The odds are pretty even that if you buy 3 of the 10+1 packs you will get a gold, but there's still a fair chance you wouldn't. So for 6 relics it's not too surprising you didn't. I think if you don't mind the money too much, putting a little down in the beginning is the best time to do it since...
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    Fights Blockbusters shouldn't be so strong

    That's what I mean -- I figure people are talking about level 6 moves when they say BB3 are not a big deal. When more 12 and 15 moves are in play I imagine the effect is quite different, defense is already maxed for many of us but damage still has a lot of room to increase.
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    If I have +100%atk

    I haven't got anything that far but I think the question came up before and it was said there's no cap on attack. So it should be possible to go past 100%
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    OFFICIAL: 1.4.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Both moves got nerfed in the last patch and I think they're just updating the label now, this is mentioned in the notes before the character specific stuff starts. Damage was reduced because they were widely regarded as being too good. Cymbal clash was the other too-good move but it got its stun...
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    Any Tips for Eliza?

    Sekhmet's charge attack is always unblockable which is good since there's little else you can do once your opponent starts blocking. I'm still trying to figure out how his moves work but there's something that can bounce your opponent into the air like a super ball. Dash, down, up or dash up...
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    Evolving Fighters: I have an idea but I'm unsure if it's practical...

    Ha! The 80% was just a guesstimate. Rusty is actually one of my golds too. I wouldn't dare put her into a 5X match but I get pretty far by tagging out once a baddie hits the floor. Understudy is a beast (but no Armed Forces) at 49, and Beat Box still seems solid although he's got some leveling...
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    Evolving Fighters: I have an idea but I'm unsure if it's practical...

    Keys are going to be your problem long term so leveling up "every" fighter is going to take a long time, but having some gold-plated bronzes is nice for the other chokepoint which is canopy coins. You can fill out 5 bronze trees for the same price as one gold tree. I've got 3 evolved bronzes...
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    exculsive character skin

    They're only in the character relics.
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    Tuba Tuba stun too short

    Probably it gains time and percentage if you level it up further...
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    Stat ratings

    I agree with Moisterrific's stat rankings, at least for the top ones, but I've been trying to figure out how to value them a little more precisely. Is meter gain + bleed resist better or worse than hp% + attack%? This is what I came up with, hope someone else finds it useful. DEFENSE: 10...
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    Meters: how do they work?

    I've been wondering, outside of the current No Pain No Gain situation, how exactly does the BB meter usually work? Does it depend on damage or number of moves or combo count? Does the defender gain more than the attacker?
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    Why is supercharged a thing

    It's annoying but I do enjoy switching the game up a bit. There are characters and moves built around countering blockbusters so the tools are there for the people who leveled them up.
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    Fights Blockbusters shouldn't be so strong

    What level moves are we talking about? I imagine the end game is balanced around level 12 and 15 moves.
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    Who is your main fighter?

    I find Parasoul is my go-to for an easy win, but Valentine and Painwheel are the most fun to play. I suspect people who don't like Valentine aren't using her charge attack and throw enough, they're the best or among the best for all characters.