• [2018/06/22]
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  1. VinEye

    What are these ridiculous gold rates...

    Honestly i suggest you just quit, 120 pulls with no golds is just rlly rlly bad luck. It happens sometimes, even something that has like a 0.01% chance of happening can still happen. You just got really unlucky and hit that tiny percentage
  2. VinEye

    Tier list as of 1.2.0 (outdated)

    Are the fighters you listed in each tier in any order? Like for the top tier list is Untouchable Peacock the absolute best one and Last Hope Valentine the worst one of the top tiers?
  3. VinEye

    Why is Untouchable Peacock red?

    I see that the general pattern is that a characters colour scheme matches with their element so most fire element fighters are coloured red in some way. However whilst Untouchable Peacock is of the water element her colour scheme is red which should be for fire.
  4. VinEye

    Nox App Player

    I'm playing on Nox right now, never had problems with installation what happens when u try to install it?
  5. VinEye

    Other Reconnect function for DC/Crashes

    Something i would like to see that some games do is that if for whatever reason the app closes mid fight when u boot the app back up it allowed you to get back into the fight before the crash. It wouldn't reset the fight jsut that it'll put you back into the fight with the same hp/meter gain...
  6. VinEye

    Eliza Blood Sport Event (Bronze/Silver/Gold)

    The strategy i've been using for her Sekhmet is if the opponent is blocking to just stand there with no guard and wait for them to attack u first, and since Sekhmet has unflinching he will always be able to combo them without getting stunned. Also you said your prediction does that mean this...
  7. VinEye

    Bug - Crash Parasoul Yawn crashing game

    OK nvm using it yourself also causes the crash
  8. VinEye

    Resolved Game froze after opponent used Blockbuster

    Cellsai's bug seems pretty identical to mine, for me no dmg appeared it was like the opponent was hitting air
  9. VinEye

    Bug - Crash Parasoul Yawn crashing game

    I'm not too sure about this but it might have to do with the buff portion of yawn? Just fought a Parasoul with yawn she used it but i think i managed to hit her mid animation knocking her out of it and the game didn't crash. Also seems to crash only with the AI uses it, when i used it nothing...
  10. VinEye

    Resolved Game froze after opponent used Blockbuster

    I was using Raw Nerve Painwheel
  11. VinEye

    Resolved Game froze after opponent used Blockbuster

    Srry i'm not sure about which ones i used, i just remember when the bug happened i looked at the opponents skill to see what they used all i remember was that it was a silver blockbuster with skulls around it
  12. VinEye

    Farming Moves?

    What i do know is that redoing fights does give skill points but as for skills i don't believe i ever got one from redoing ones, i'm gonna keep farming this event and see if i do get drops from redoing fights
  13. VinEye

    Resolved Game froze after opponent used Blockbuster

    No it missed, and when the bug occured my entire side was frozen, the opponent kept on hitting but it was the attack moved through my character and did nothing.
  14. VinEye

    Bug - Crash Parasoul Yawn crashing game

    Plz fix this soon, it doesn't seem to be certain Parasouls for me every time they use yawn it will crash my game. I lost heaps of energy because of this bug especially since im trying to farm the daily event.
  15. VinEye

    Quick questions from a Newbie

    I did restart my app but got nothing, got the rewards after an hour tho