• [2018/06/22]
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  • vucaar
    vucaar commented on vucaar's profile post.
    Thank you for the comments, it seems she could be a character to push the attack and I like that, and the no revives, well solves any...
  • vucaar
    vucaar reacted to Lililira's comment on vucaar's profile post with Like Like.
    She seems good from what I saw of her in Holodeck. That 'standing on a body' SA works well both on defense and offense as long as you...
  • vucaar
    vucaar reacted to Art3mes's comment on vucaar's profile post with Like Like.
    Looking good so far. But it's a defensive painwheel, so you may expect her performance to be somewhat like BlueScreen but with some...
  • vucaar
    vucaar updated their status.
    What do you think about Biting Cold? I got her twice in the last event.