• [2018/06/22]
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  1. WAH

    Which fighter node should I focus on upgrading?

    Personally if I already have all the resources ready like points and gold, I do energy first since I'm not really using the character yet. I'm using one of my mains to carry the new character through prize fights and making their energy available ASAP to be used with my mains to max out their level.
  2. WAH

    How to beat accused experiments

    Personally I run my Buzzkill Painwheel though it shouldnt matter which painwheel you use. As long as it isn't the 7% damage one challenge where you will stun yourself. I just get a good opportunity to combo an enemy to death crawl which has great recovery time to setup a charge attack. Release >...
  3. WAH

    Bug - Normal Prize Fight Enemy Team Score

    Okay I've been unable to fix this but my enemy prize fight teams are perma broken . They are appearing as reversed tiered teams based off my team. The higher my team score the lower all 3 enemy teams I can select from like 15k-20k, the weaker my teams like 2 silvers and a bronze and then the 30k...
  4. WAH

    Other Loadout Saves and Held Moves

    I was wondering if the team ever plans to setup loadout saves for a full team and their moves. I think this would be great when setting up prize fights when having to go back and forth from different prize fights. Also, I was wondering if you guys can add an option for button holding on top of...
  5. WAH

    Post your collection

    Trust me, you don't need to spend real money. For now just focus on your mains and do the prize fights and you'll pretty much have all the characters you would want.
  6. WAH

    Characters Surgeon General Valentine too good?

    Eh, since I have Surgeon General I use her as what she was built for, which is an anchor. So by the time she ever does come out, it's already last hero. That makes the no recover damage pretty useless.
  7. WAH

    Characters Surgeon General Valentine too good?

    I think overall the Valentine line needs another look at in buffing stats by 10-20% and change in better ability instead of no heal of red damage when enemies switch out. Games too fast and short to really make the ability useful.
  8. WAH

    Prize Fight Reward Tiers

    Got 30mil for Eliza and made it to top 1-10, seems overkilled it.
  9. WAH

    Characters George at the Airshow Improvements

    Will you guys also be buffing stuff like Cerebella's butt bomber and lock n load? Those moves have like no combo potential and have too much start up to be viable in its usage in the mobile version. They were fine in the actual game for assist, but here they really have no use outside if you get...
  10. WAH

    Collection Option to evolve moves

    The problem I see with this is that wouldn't you just farm silver moves for something like mete gain and Attack, max out, and then upgrade to gold to ensure the better stat upgrades than farming for a gold with 2 good and 1 terrible, then sink money in just to see yourself get +28% cripple...
  11. WAH

    Collection Option to evolve moves

    I agree with this. I want to be able to check out the stats of the move I just got and decide if I want to immediately sell it instead of going into collections to look for.
  12. WAH

    Post your collection

    Got started last month, downloaded right when the servers were down and then after servers were fixed saw that I qualified for the free maintenance compensation. That gave me such a good start for this game. Today I finally maxed out my main 3 I've been using. Time to focus on farming gold...
  13. WAH

    So, why do you play?

    As a famous internet duo once rapped, "Need dat Mahvel hype, but without all the dicks? SKULLGIRLS!" Also since I backed the PC release, I was curious about the mobile version since DBFZ got me a bit interested again in FG.
  14. WAH

    When is squigly coming?

    I'm still surprised Ms. Fortune, a starter character is not in yet, yet most of the DLC characters are out. I think she deserves a release first before Squigs and Robo.
  15. WAH

    AI Break Combos?

    I'm pretty sure if this is like any real fighting game, if the combo counter is red it means it stops being a true combo (unless stun effect in a move for this game) and if it remains yellow than it's still a true combo. And I'm already doing preque for launchers so not sure if the game has...