• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Wilhiem

    Relic Exclusivity

    Does anyone know whether or not the fighters exclusive to the Back to School relic (Heart of Darkness for example) will eventually become available in the Premiere relic, or will they remain exclusive to the Back to School relic similar to the fighters exclusive to the elemental relics (Such as...
  2. Wilhiem

    What do you think Double will be like?

    I absolutely love the second idea. It would be fun to get to use multiple sets of blockbusters and specials, as well as the characters movesets and SAs.
  3. Wilhiem

    Just... Super new, and unlucky

    Just wanted to point something out here Wulfden. You don't actually get anything besides canopy coins, theonite, and skill points for completing the milestone rewards. In order to get yourself a character, your score needs to be high enough to rank at a specific percentage. For example, in the...
  4. Wilhiem

    Moves effected by Signature ability

    If you're willing to go through and test it that would be great. There are plenty of abilities that might be projectiles but no one has tested for them.
  5. Wilhiem

    Energy Regeneration Time

    A fully maxed out energy tree reduces the cool down by 50%, so it'll only take half as long (5 minutes per energy and 50 minutes total).
  6. Wilhiem

    Energy Regeneration Time

    Just in case you guys were wondering... Per energy - 10 minutes Max out energy - 100 minutes = 1 hr and 40 minutes Credit goes to Keebs for informing me of this.
  7. Wilhiem

    Who is your main fighter?

    It was 100% originally. And the buffs are only occasionally useful, since rng determines what buff you get.
  8. Wilhiem

    Who is your main fighter?

    Epic Sax's SA has been changed to give 3% per combo hit, up to a maximum of 50% (essentially cutting his ability in half). However, he still gets a random buff every 10 combo hits, so that remained unchanged.
  9. Wilhiem

    Any Tips for Eliza?

    Thanks for the video, that combo looks like it hurts.
  10. Wilhiem

    Any Tips for Eliza?

    That's unfortunate. Do the AI abuse this or no?
  11. Wilhiem

    Any Tips for Eliza?

    Yeah, so far my go to combo is: Activate, tap, tap, tap, swipe, up/down. If they land into the wall you can usually land one more axe attack, then charge up an unblockable, which loops back into the regular combo.
  12. Wilhiem

    Awaiting the next character release...feels like it'll be a while though

    Awaiting the next character release...feels like it'll be a while though
  13. Wilhiem

    Any Tips for Eliza?

    I've had Diva Intervention Eliza for a while now, but i basically only use one or two combos with Sekhmet. What are your guy's favorite combos in Sekhmet mode? Also, does buying the unblockable charge attack in the skill tree affect Sekhmet's charge attack too?
  14. Wilhiem

    Does your team FS affect XP gain?

    Using a team with a lower FS than your opponent will give you the "Longshot" bonus, which increases the exp gained for your team based on the difference in total FS (the weaker your team is the more exp you'll get). This bonus is useful for leveling up your team, and it's a legitimate strategy...