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You cant beat D

Nov 3, 2001 (Age: 19)


Game name & ID - You cant beat D - 34lw-0pgc - level 70 |Total diamonds - 105
|Total catalog - 160/170 |Last updated: 5/15/2021
Main CharacterOwned variants (bold = diamond) (italic = shiny) (+ = Duplicates)
AnnieSF, SC, GG, NS, TT, MS, AW, TH, HS
BeowulfCS, UD, N1, HM, WX, DB, FF, WB, WW, BK, SB, DM.
Big bandBB, Bassline, RC, RE, TM, PD, GJ, ES, DB,
CerebellaUS, HS, TW, GM, BT, HQ+2, BF, AF, CM, HH, SS.
DoubleSS, NS, TT, MM, DL, RB, IF, EE, XM, HOD,
ElizaID, DC, SV, BV, TG, IP, RV+2, LL, BB, DI, SO, MD.
FiliaFE, BHD, BMS, HA, RS, PW, WS, DL, DF, CC,
FukuaIT, RC, SS, RS, CT, FE, VV, NT, PT, SP, SI.
Ms.FortuneHC, JK, MT, PD, FL, TT, HS, CO, RA, MF, FF, WS.
PainwheelTM, RT, BD, RA, FFriday, FFly, BK, RN, FT, NM, BC.
ParasoulST, HR, NE, IL, SO, RB, SC, Primed+2, PP, RG, SS.
PeacockRerun, ST, WC, PS, IL, M1+2, UT, UV, TAF, FF, DC, PP.
R.FortunePT, M3, NT, BB, PM, HH, BS, TB, PA, OC,
SquiglySF, SS, DH, GG, ND, NB, TS, DOW+3, PG,BE, LC,
ValentineIH, Scrub, OM, GS, KJ, SK, SG, LH, TC, AG.



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