• [2018/06/22]
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    Facebook page impersonates you and steals accounts

    Very scary stuff! Thanks for informing us and potentially saving some from losing their personal info. Internet security is so important nowadays so it's always good to make sure to avoid clicking links. Can't believe that we have to double check profiles and make sure that the person you're...
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    Look up SGM combo videos and gameplay and copy what people do. Use special moves and BBs and you...

    Look up SGM combo videos and gameplay and copy what people do. Use special moves and BBs and you should learn fairly quickly which combos work and which don't
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    Fireworks Show Prize Fight

    Jeez, already Diamonded Vintage huh? Goodness gravy you work fast.
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    Diamond prize fight official

    Very exciting! Takes some pressure off of the Gold PF so that newer players can more easily compete for solid Golds, and gives higher level players more rewards/challenge. The rewards for Top 10% in Diamond have to justify the grind though. I think this is a great addition to the list of daily...
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    Okay to sell Moves and sacrifice Variants I know I won't use?

    There's this one Master Difficulty Story node that's been haunting me for a while. It's requiring the use of 3 Silver Ms Fortunes to beat 3 Gold Fighters. I'm awful with Ms. Fortune and don't have a solid Silver variant built up, so if you're planning to 100% the game I'd suggest keeping at...
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    Was just blessed with the best luck since I started playing this game. 2 Golds and a Diamond...

    Was just blessed with the best luck since I started playing this game. 2 Golds and a Diamond from 5 random loose Premier Relics. Incredible
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    Is Parasols Umbrella Really alive?

    I ripped this from the Marvel Database but: "Mjolnir demonstrated to possess remnants of the God Tempest's sentience. Moving on its own, and preventing Odin from lifting it. Mjolnir could even temporarily project a physical form capable of talking, though this power required a great deal of...
  9. Zuzuska

    Is Parasols Umbrella Really alive?

    Kreig is sort of like Thor's Hammer for Parasoul. I believe Kreig is "alive" but unable to speak. They may have a mental bond like Cerebella and Vice-Versa where we don't hear them communicate. Here's the wiki page on Living Weapons: https://skullgirls.fandom.com/wiki/Living_Weapon
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    Other Holodeck change moderately nerfs EXP usage on it

    I personally liked the "It's the weekend! Get ready and down to serious grind." aspect of it but I suppose it's also okay to become another optional Daily grinding option.
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    Bug - Normal Update 4.6 - Cant hit enemy after hitting the floor with Cerebella

    There are certain moves and combos that when performed will not allow for additional extensions or hits to connect once the enemy hits the floor; Pummel Horse being one of them. I'd believe it to be more for balancing rather than a game bug. If you'd like to perform more advanced combos I'd...
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    I'm very much looking forward to seeing some great submissions. I might be able to scrape something together myself if my ideas end up working :o
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    Zuzuska's WATER Diamond Evaluation

    ~SPLISH SPLASH GREAT ADVENTURE!~ This list of Water Elemental Fighters will try to help you pick what the BEST choices for Diamond evolution are. There will also be a few Great/Decent picks. Hopefully, this can help you determine who you want to spend your Elemental Essences on. I'm splitting...
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    Zuzuska's AIR Diamond Evaluation

    Thank you! Vaporwave should actually have a place in the Offense list, thanks for reminding me. I've added her. Also, Evergreen is among the top choices in the defense list. I wasn't going to consider her to be on the Offense list because of her lacking any personal damage-boosting capabilities...
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    Zuzuska's AIR Diamond Evaluation

    Thanks for the feedback! Nunsense possesses Natural Bronze stats and her having to be at an Elemental Advantage makes using her a little more complicated than usual reliable fighters. You also have to time your blocks so you don't accidentally change your element. IMO she seems clunky and harder...