• [2018/06/22]
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  1. ZxAle16

    play in a cloned app

    Hey guys, do you know if you can get banned if you play with a clonned sg app?
  2. ZxAle16

    SG Custom Fighters

    Can we have symphogear pallets owo?"Tremble in fear of the love song that'll break the world apart""unexpected is always expected""...EVEN SO!!!"
  3. ZxAle16

    Bug - Normal Rift lost connection issue

    If you have connection issues (lost signal, internet company issues) before starting a fight, the game will stuck in the conecting animation, and if you close and open the app could count your fight lost
  4. ZxAle16

    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    25/sep/2019 at 20:00 Medici PF Sorry for the quality