1. [2018/06/22]
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Comments on Profile Post by MatDestruction

  1. vucaar
    You should make it. It would be great to see a diferent point of view frequently in the forum. The worst thing that would happen is that the community ignore your thread (like a suggestion of a new mode I made days ago).
    Jun 18, 2018
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  2. MatDestruction
    Thanks for the supportive comment :3
    I should be making the first one tomorrow, thinking about starting with Painwheel
    Jun 18, 2018
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  3. vucaar
    Great! Starting with a Painwheel list is ambitious and interesting because some players feel that she doesn't have great SA, but on the other side, there's some that thinks she is really powerful. Cheers.
    Jun 18, 2018
  4. Scorialimit
    TBH I wouldn't mind, but don't do it like Moist does. The recommended builds and whatnot are good but I'd also like to see a short paragraph on why you feel each character goes where it does.

    Since painwheel is one of the few I have almost every one of I might give my opinion as well but I'll be respectful of yours :)
    Jun 18, 2018
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  5. Hall☆weenQueen
    This sound like a great idea! I suggest making a basic profile and taking in account remarks from others to flesh it out! That way there's no major disagreements ^_^
    Jun 19, 2018
  6. Gamma Ray
    Gamma Ray
    It's good to see different points of view and we need tier discussions with the new prize fight meta impacting so many characters.
    Jun 19, 2018