1. [2018/06/22]
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Comments on Profile Post by rexturtle1120

  1. Lililira
    I'm pretty curious too, since stuff like Story Completion and Player Level already have their own rewards. Maybe there will be some linked to leveling/upgrading characters, and maybe some linked to Friends List stuff like # of gifts given. I'm also curious to see whether or not they kept track of these things in the past, and if credit will be given for the ones you completed before the Accolades were added.
    Jun 15, 2020
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  2. Art3mes
    We are getting accolades?
    It must be dope.
    Jun 15, 2020
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  3. Hall☆weenQueen
    I'm not a hardcore gamer so would you mind explaining this term to the noob here? ^_^"
    Jun 16, 2020
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  4. Rudølf
    Y-yea what Hall said too..
    Jun 16, 2020
  5. rexturtle1120
    For those who don’t get the term, accolades refers to achievements. Skullgirls Mobile likes to be fancy and use all sorts of different words for there different features. For example, viewing parlor instead of Ad booth or whatever. I just hope they can think of a new word for guilds. Guild is overused at this point.
    Jun 16, 2020
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