• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Neferu1109

    OFFICIAL: Skullgirls Mobile Community Tier List! (2.7.2 UPDATE)

    @Liam Decrypted and Intervention, they are in SS I have been using them since the application was launched in Line and they have always been exceptional, I highly recommend them two in a combat with modifiers besides the fact that in Prize Fights they help you. At level 50 Decrypted helps...
  2. Neferu1109

    OFFICIAL: 2.4 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    It is seen that this is a great update, and it is impressive ... the Tash is very helpful and thanks for the new story mode =^x^=
  3. Neferu1109

    "STAGE FRIGHT" - Speculation and Discussion

    Squigly: Stage Fright Ability: "Memento Mori" and Hex Disable all positive effects and special abilities. The character can not use the skills such as revive, healing and immunity are not activated. Duration of the skills from 5 to 15 seconds.
  4. Neferu1109

    "SCARED STIFF" - Speculation and Discussion

    Squigly: Scared Stiff Habilidad: Rigor Mortis y Unflinching. El personaje no puede ser derrotado inmediatamente por un Blockbuster e inmunidad. Ahora, por lo que veo, esa "maldición" que agregan puede ser la habilidad primordial del personaje. Squigly: Scared Stiff Ability: Rigor Mortis and...
  5. Neferu1109

    OFFICIAL: 2.2 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    They should improve rewards by raising the user level...... in the next update it would help them to have more players.;)
  6. Neferu1109

    OFFICIAL: Display Name Reservation (CLOSED)

    Guys, I already sent my name but I hope if it is possible since it is the one that I have always had, in the mail he writes it correctly but I hope it is possible.
  7. Neferu1109

    OFFICIAL: 2.1.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    The update will help a lot, they try hard. ;):p
  8. Neferu1109


    Happy year and really deserve applause, as a game that is independent and fighting was what I expected..... like many years ago talk about Kof or Tekken or Street Fighter is already very common but a game that led to more is awesome...... I hope them achieve a lot of success. May Bastet bless...
  9. Neferu1109

    OFFICIAL: 2.0.1 Update Notes (LIVE)

    It would be good to make a new mode called "And in other news..." that has the image of the reporter Canopia Kingdom and that I changed the map and are different story, where you catch the criminals with different characters. As "Acts of good faith" Double faces the Medici or "Someone new on the...
  10. Neferu1109

    "RAINBOW BLIGHT" - Strategy and Discussion

    Wait!!!! WHAT D ****!!!!! YOUR A **** LAMIA :mad:
  11. Neferu1109

    Resolved Android user poll. PLEASE READ.

    Device: Moto G4 OS: Android 7.0 Each section of the game works fine, Collection, Missions, Shop and Adjustments, but the sections of fights such as Training, Winning Fights, Events and Story Mode, fail when playing the time limit is 4 to 5 seconds, touching only 1 or 2 seconds. Also when the...