• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Kaleb

    Bug - Normal Graphic glitch?

    Sp hopefully these photos show up. Basically a painwheel and a cerabella decided to fuse with a double and bug out it went away by landing the game and reentering only when I did they disappeared and while thoes is happening my filia became black choppy blocks like it was from minecraft or...
  2. Kaleb

    Probably a stupid question

    How do I get the idol threat skin for filia like is it in her relic or was it a limited time offer/event
  3. Kaleb

    Bad ms frosty filia with blood drive painwheel vs twisted mettle painwheel and bad hair day filia

    Ok I have 2 filia's Bad ms frosty one bad hair day and 2 painwheel's one twisted mettle and one blood drive all of them are silvers but bad hair day and twisted mettle are almost maxed in there perk tree and with strong moves while Ms frost and blood drive have few perks in them my question is...