• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Kassem Shour

    Robo-Fortune colour palettes

    So the much anticipated Robo-Fortune will finally make her grand entrance. Like I did before for Ms Fortune, let us vote on which colour pallets we want to see in the game.
  2. Kassem Shour

    Ms Fortune colour pallets

    Since it has been confirmed by the Game Devs that Ms Fortune is going to be the next character, I was wondering what type of colour pallets will we get of Ms Fortune. There are so many types but it's obvious that one of the bronze cards is going to be Ms Fortune's original colour. What about the...
  3. Kassem Shour

    When is Skullgirls on Switch being released?

    Hey Liam, I just want to know what the release date is for Skullgirls on the Nintendo Switch, is it going to be somewhere around September?