• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Yew49

    Bug - Normal Lost skill points

    I bought 200 valentine skill points in the cabinet and went to upgrade my valentines marquee, while upgrading a connection error occured, my skill points disappeared and a message pops up saying I dont have enough skill points. The cabinet also shows the skill points as sold and my rift coins...
  2. Yew49

    Bug - Normal Unable to press some buttons

    The resume button sometimes doesn't work when I pause mid fight. It only happens on the first few fights when I opened the app.
  3. Yew49

    Bug - Normal no Hype mode button

    I was playing gold pf with silver cold stone and I got 3 hype stacks but no hype mode button At that time i got the 3rd stack the same time as a lock special and lock bb debuffs, after the debuffs are over my hype button is not there
  4. Yew49

    Other Training mode

    I suggest that all characters variants and skills are unlocked in training, so newer players can play around with different combinations and find their favorite character and skills, instead of buying a load of character relics and finding out they doesnt like the characters playstyle
  5. Yew49

    Resolved Daily event missing

    Hi, I can't play today's daily event, when I opened daily event it just showed the thursday painwheel one and not today's valentine and beowulf
  6. Yew49

    Some questions

    Hi, I have some questions about the game here, 1. What does the energy cooldown upgrade in the skill tree do? 2. How do I know how long I need to wait for my fighters to cooldown after fights? 3. Can I still get skills from the daily events after I got 100% the same day?
  7. Yew49

    Daily event

    Hi, I feel that some of the daily event are harder than others, the big band one is unbeatable because the invincible keeps triggering in the middle of my bbs and suddenly a few bb3s and im dead, which fighters should I use to beat that level?
  8. Yew49

    Need help for prize fight

    I'm having trouble with prize fight, I mostly lose when I face parasoul. She has long range attacks and cannot be attacked after an air combo. Another fighter im having trouble with is dreadlocks filia, i seem to kill myself faster than i kill her.
  9. Yew49

    Peacock skill choice

    Hi, I would like to know which BB3 Peacock should use, Deadly Airport or Good Fellows?