• [2018/06/22]
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  1. qlimax

    Other 12h Double XP

    Hello forum So I have a rather small request that I hope wouldnt take too much effort and time to put into the game. Now I do actually enjoy having something like the double XP item in the game. Its a very useful tool for newer players to upper their characters and get going and its also a cool...
  2. qlimax

    Collection Setting Defensive Movesets

    Hi there, So what im suggesting here is a Quality of Life thing that will make the endgame in skullgirls alot easier for easier. It can be useful at any point in the game but youll get the most value out of it later in the game. So I'd like to state that some moves are alot better to have for...
  3. qlimax

    Bug - Normal Prizefight Fighters swapped when entering battle

    So this happened today during my stream. https://clips.twitch.tv/ThirstyOddPeafowlOpieOP I put in some fighters and then it just swapped them to the fighters i previously used as soon as I got in the battle. I think the servers might have been lagging but I dont know. Sorry if this was...