• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Diego

    Bug - Normal Bad connection

    After the actualization, I'm still having error connection, that happens when I use the WiFi too. Can help me plz?
  2. Diego

    Characters Ability points

    I put this card because that card is bronze originally and fulled points
  3. Diego

    Characters Ability points

    Well, why the bronze characters have more points than silver characters? I realized it When i trying to put my combo with Beowulf.
  4. Diego

    Bug - Normal [CHAT] Message Text Overlapping

    I use an Xperia L1, and that's happen. And yeah, when you like to talk about of peacock the chat censores it, anyone can't talk about she and we need to use a nickname to her like a patty! That ironic LOL
  5. Diego

    Bug - Normal [CHAT] Message Text Overlapping

    That happened when i used the chat, pls, i think is only me or another player are suffering the same issue?
  6. Diego

    URGENT: Emergency Maintenance Update

    Dice que tenemos que esperar a que realicen todas las operaciones que están haciendo, ya que el camino adecuado para restaurar sería fácil si es que el sistema les permitiese, pero no pueden, así que están recuperando todo manualmente, así que el juego no estará disponible por las siguientes 48...
  7. Diego

    Show me what you got!

    Show me what you got!
  8. Diego

    Bug - Normal Error 5.DSE.1 cannot log in

    Servers are in manteinance now, keep waiting.
  9. Diego

    Bug - Normal No connection, no victory

    I have the same problems, i from South América server, the game is return me to the menu. It's so frustrating. My brother have the same problem too. Plz staff reply this tareas ty.
  10. Diego

    Bug on treasures

    I bougth a treasure of Double and the game gave me a Big Band, what's up whit that? Is it the way now?