• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Inked

    Bug - Normal background visual bug

    iPhone 6s IOS 11.3.1 was playing in Peacock’s daily (master difficulty) when the background started looking a bit glitchy it only popped up when i finished every node except the boss node and showed up when fighting the boss node as well. it fixed itself after i finished that node and checked...
  2. Inked

    Resolved regen ignoring heal block

    i was playing Eliza’s daily on master difficulty earlier today when this happened. i was playing as Princess Pride Parasoul against one of the two Eliza nodes and when i started the match, i got heal block from the Evil Presence modifier. even with this modifier Parasoul spawned tears and got a...
  3. Inked

    Bug - Normal Squigly takes no damage in elemental prize fight

    iPhone 6S IOS 11.3.1 the title says it all, really, but i’ll explain anyways. i was playing the water elemental prize fight earlier when i came across this bug. i was playing against a team that had a Dead of Winter Squigly, which i defeated first. before defeating the second member of the team...
  4. Inked

    Resolved inferno brigade completely misses

    adding on to the lovely bug where Parasoul’s egrets abandon her, ive got another one to add onto her BB3! i was playing in Prize Fights and had defeated the whole team except one Brain Freeze Cerebella. right before she tagged in, i activated Inferno Brigade with my Parasoul. as soon as the...
  5. Inked

    Resolved AIs stuck in backward dash

    I was playing Dailies earlier today (specifically Eliza’s daily) when i came across this. when AI fighters have a taunt in their move pool, it’s common for them to backwards dash to the edge of the screen to perform said taunt and get whatever buffs. it’s not very often, but occasionally the AIs...
  6. Inked

    Resolved chat not connecting

    (i've made a lot of bug reports lately! ^^') so i've been playing for a bit now in Dailies and, as usual, the app crashes when i choose my character to fight with. on restarting the app i instantly open chat (it's just a habit - i prefer being on channel 0) to change my channel before going...
  7. Inked

    Resolved air combo completely missed

    i had a weird run in today when i was playing the bronze PF. i was using a Filia against a Painwheel. after the Painwheel did a combo against me that i blocked, i took the opportunity to go through the classic ground combo > launcher > air combo > trip. i launch the Painwheel fine after the...
  8. Inked

    Bug - Normal Double BB3 doesn't execute

    iPhone 5S IOS 10.3.3 i was playing in silver PF earlier when i encountered this problem. the whole enemy team is down except one Decrypted Eliza. Deciding to quickly finish her off, i activate my Nunsense Double's Nightmare Legion BB3. while Double starts the BB3 up, the Eliza dashes backwards...
  9. Inked

    Resolved pummel horse stagger doesn't activate

    iPhone 5S IOS 10.3.3 so i was playing in prize fights earlier (Show Me Your Moves!) and was playing with my evolved Understudy Cerebella. the enemy's Beowulf grabbed my Cerebella and i throw breaked, causing the Beowulf to stagger. i then used Cerebella's pummel horse - which usually causes the...