• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Wulfden

    Collection Equippable items?

    Hello there everyone! Happy Rumble Pack to those in Prize Fights and hope you all have been enjoying the winter! That said, I wanted to perhaps suggest if we could get relics or items that let you equip them onto characters similar to moves, but grant basic extra abilities you'd see on other...
  2. Wulfden

    Collection We should have a cumulative bonus too!

    Just what the topic says, I know peeps had their grievances about missing the Silver Lining Relic ( I know I have after missing one day!) I was thinking instead of having the login bonuses reset every month and thereby stoping us from getting certain rewards, we should do away with the reset...
  3. Wulfden

    Other Is there any way to record playback for gameplay as of now?

    Exactly what it says on the tin, and if so what can we use? I've seen Moisterrific and others who are able to record video playback flawlessly, but I'm not sure myself what can work in order to capture bugs and other addendum for quality of life. While it would be nice to capture fights when...
  4. Wulfden

    Characters A system to build up characters abilities?

    So, this was brought up in another thread I voiced my opinion, but as someone did mention, in the current meta of SG mobile, we are most likely in need of a new system to grant bonuses to units we have in the game to bring up their usage and steer away the idea of only using tier lists so to...
  5. Wulfden

    Bug - Normal No Egrets abilities reverted to level 1 upgrades

    Hi all, so, I've been playing the prize fights and noticed another glitch, this time affecting my No Egrets Parasoul, in which her Martial Law ability, despite buying nearly all her nodes to upgrade it, only allows her to deal the status for 4 and 3 seconds respectively shown here: Despite...
  6. Wulfden

    Bug - Normal Leveling up sometimes reset the character's level to 1

    Good evening, everyone, I was playing the game on Beowulf's prize fight on the gold challenge and was training my Hype Man and Number One Beo's to about level 5, when, out of nowhere after a fight, though they leveled up, the two had their levels reset to 1 all over again. I tried exiting the...
  7. Wulfden

    Fights Make full charged attacks unblockable?

    Another user brought up the fact that charge up moves are largely unusable due to the fact they don't have much utility besides say Cerebella's Titan Knuckle. However, by the time we would begin to charge up attacks, the AI would already be defending and getting very small chip damage and or...