• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Luke

    Bug - Normal Hp modifiers aren’t being applied

    my dead of winter’s atk is really bad and I was trying to lvl her but now with one L5>juggle she can kill almost anyone in the accursed experiment! Like what? Like how? Somebody explains this to me in small words. Because before 4.0 I would use her in accursed to lvl her up and it would take...
  2. Luke

    WHO’S THE BOSS master modifiers screenshot

  3. Luke

    Fights Counter counter on enemy side

    Oh wait a second I made a typo in the title. Ugh COMBO COUNTER ON ENEMY SIDE I just have this ever increasing need to KNOW if the enemy combo counter is turning red or not because they are pulling off combos that if I was doing that particular combo the ai would interrupt. So yeah.
  4. Luke

    Bug - Normal cerebella unblocked right before an attack?

    This was streak 67 of the current filia gold pf. https://imgur.com/a/3gYLNEc (the imgur link is the short video) I was confused how my HQ died so I tried to scroll frame by frame and found the animation to be the same as if my HQ unblocked right as the buzzkill tripped her. Did I really...
  5. Luke

    Collection Better move equipment

    this is not a post about saving different move sets. This is a post about improving how to tell which fighter equipped which move. We finally got the sell and check stat on reward screen. I’m here to ask for a better move equip screen. Maybe not many people need this. Maybe it’s my fault for...
  6. Luke

    Bug - Normal I think I received silver keys by selling a gold move.

    im in the fighter move equip screen. I was exchanging a old move for a better one. Then I sold the old move and I SWEAR in the pop up window there’s a coin icon and silver key icon. And I’m very sure it’s x2 silver keys. I been selling moves left and right and it’s reflex by now so i tapped ok...
  7. Luke

    Bug - Normal robo fortune pf bubble shield bug or feature?

    while shield active if hit by a single large dmg dealing move the shield will reflect ALL dmg. no matter how much 10% hp actually is. my bigband against painwheel. bigband is being pummeled by painwheel>get shield>got hit by rage install>painwheel insta died. both fighter have 80%+ hp when this...
  8. Luke

    what should i do with all these leveled but not-so-good moves?

    Back when gold moves were scarce and i thought RNG would look favorably upon moves with 2 good stats i leveled a lot of moves that's not so good. Today i faved all those leveled sub bar moves so i can count them. number of only 2 good stat moves invested are 94! out of the 94 about 30% are lvl...
  9. Luke

    Bug - Normal Graphic glitch menu in fight

    iPhone se iOS 12.2
  10. Luke

    Fights Forbidden procedure doesn’t work on teammates FAR into the corner

    If anyone dies in the corner Vals BB animation can’t get that far back and reviving fails. I’m convinced this is a feature to prevent opponent team from revives. But this also mean I can’t revive my teammates who have been pummeled to death in my side of the corner. Maybe we can let corner...
  11. Luke

    Other Jackpot relic odd screen nitpick

    Unless we are going to have 10+1 for jackpot relics can the relic odd column for +1 bonus be removed? Like take a break relic odd chart
  12. Luke

    Master difficulty story mode

    Rift soft locked for me aside I’m too excited not to start a thread on this. came across this one fight that I made a 100% bleed resist bigband (with the help of PD’s SA ofc)
  13. Luke

    Bug - Normal STILL can’t find match in rift

    This is getting ridiculous. I can choose not to play rift but locking me out of one of four game mode (daily story prize rift) is just wrong. On so many levels. This makes really angry. Rightfully angry don’t you think?!
  14. Luke

    Bug - Normal Drag n’drop “drop” opponent mid BB

    val pf streak 52. my pultergust squigly was fighting the last fighter brainfreeze. Bella have less than 10% hp left. I make squigly dash back and wait for Bella to approach and finish her with my filled bb drag n’drop. Bb connected and they are in the air. the hit where squigly drag Bella back...
  15. Luke

    Bug - Normal Disconnected

    I don’t know how to describe this. It’s after a pf fight. Something similar happened few weeks ago:
  16. Luke

    extend ground combo with vial hazard

    just discovered this today. loaded vial hazard: G5>vial hazard>G5 15 combos G5>vial Hazard>G5>juggle 21combo
  17. Luke

    Bug - Normal Fighter selection jump back to beginning after checking fighter data

    After new update. When ever I’d look that fighter data to check if they’re crit build or stun build or change move, the fighter selection would jump back to the “top” or far left in this case. Scroll...scroll...more scrolling https://imgur.com/a/CHBS4Jn Link for anyone who wants a visual...
  18. Luke

    Bug - Normal Rift failed to fined opponent since update

    rank silver 3 Been trying to find opponent since update whenever I have time but nothing so far.
  19. Luke

    Bug - Normal Argus agony intercepted by upper khat’s stun

    My peacock used Argus agony as the opponent Eliza used upper khat(from across the screen) but the special move connected with Argus agnoy’s projectiles and stunned my peacock and ended the BB. Is this a feature or a bug?
  20. Luke

    Bug - Normal Unblockable charge attack text doesn’t show up

    Was fighting the boss node in rift. When I was fighting Val, she did a charge atk pose but the unblockable blue text didn’t show up because there was a bunch of other texts in the way maybe? Before the update I’m fairly sure unblockable always gets refreshed and shows up. Anyways, I was...