• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Peacockis2cool4u

    Resolved Wrong Elemental Prize Fight Rewards

    Okay, so last week I received my rewards for the air Elemental Prize Fight when I noticed something. I got 11%-33% reward tier. However, I waited a whole week because I haven’t memorized the rewards given out by the percentages, so I left my reward from the Air Prize Fight in my mail because I...
  2. Peacockis2cool4u

    Resolved Theonite lost in mail

    I'm not sure if it's just me but, I have a tendency to forget to claim my Theonite because I usually don't have the time to do so. In relief that that'll always appear in my mailbox, I usually just never claim it. Today I claimed most of my Theonite, but I had an issue with the mailbox. It said...
  3. Peacockis2cool4u

    Bug - Normal "Continue" button disappears when completing a fight

    This isn't the first time it has occurred, but amongst the 6th time, so I thought I'd let you all know. My device is an iPad Air 2. Once completing a fight, weather it being a Story/Origin mode, or from the PFs, the "Continue" Button disappears for no reason. This also seems to occur when you...
  4. Peacockis2cool4u

    Bug - Normal Lag and glitching w/ Character Seletion screen

    I'm using an iPad Air 2 and with the recent update, there has only been one thing I've noticed so far that didn't occur before. The Character Selection screen was never a problem, but once I replay or resume fighting another fight after another, once I ran out of stamina and wanted to pick a new...
  5. Peacockis2cool4u

    Why haven't they put in Oh Mai Valentine, but have her as an AI?

    Im surprised to see that their isn't any Valentine discussions about this! My question is simple. Does anybody know why the Oh Mai palette isn't available in the relics and stuff? I thought it was strange how the didn't have her, dispite having her as an AI.
  6. Peacockis2cool4u

    Had this small idea for the timer and it's timing

    So awhile back ago I had this idea(More like a thought) about how the timer should stop whenever any character launches any kind of blockbuster. I've noticed that when someone uses any type of blockbuster, the timer doesn't stop counting down. It's a little aggravating whenever you're really...
  7. Peacockis2cool4u

    Bug - Normal Big Band keeps moving even when hit

    I never thought this was a bug, but once it started happening frequently I noticed that it isn't normal. If you're fighting a Big Band and you're being cornered you'll notice that even if you hit him, he just doesn't stop hitting you. This one time he was supposably stunned but he just kept hit...
  8. Peacockis2cool4u

    Anyone else experiencing unblockable blockbuster problems?

    So recently, (More like two hours ago) I was playing a couple of Prize Fight matches and suddenly once I pressed on a blockbuster the game froze. :v This was the third time this has happened and it keeps happening despite all the updates. I thought it might be the device I was using, but Im not...
  9. Peacockis2cool4u

    Does anyone else have account problems with the app?

    This morning I was playing a few Valentine Events, but then I pressed the HOME button on my tablet, waited awhile for my stamina to finish up, but then when I clicked on the Skullgirls app again, It logged me out of my actual account automatically and said I was logged in as a guest. Has this...
  10. Peacockis2cool4u

    Does anyone know how much power one golden fighter typically has?

    I know it varies from character to character, but what exactly is the typical power ( or number ) a golden character has once the level maxes out. Also, could you still evolve a golden character or no?
  11. Peacockis2cool4u

    Is Event or Prize Fight Modes a good way to gain exp?

    I've been thinking... Is there any ways to gain a fair amount of exp other then playing the events or fight modes?( I usually do that). I've heard that you can actually power up your fighters, but what if you don't have a whole lot? what's recommended?