• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Normal Game locking when tapping “rewards”

    Phone: iPhone 6s iOS ver 11.0.3 I tapped on the rewards icon on the pre-prize fight “pick your opponent” screen after paying my energy. The screen dimmed and the pop up window showing rewards did not appear. Resulting in needing to force restart.
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    Bug - Normal Continue button does not appear

    Phone: iPhone 6s iOS ver 11.0.3 Just had a soft lock occur post battle in the current Medici prize fight. Won with a special move using painwheel while fighting Cerebella. Sound effect, music and animation still play but the continue button never appears.
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    Bug - Normal Filia's Blowout can be blocked?

    Phone: iPhone 6 Version: iOS 9.3.5 In PF using my Parasite Weave Filia against a Last Hope Valentine: I was hit with Forbidden Procedure, during the knock back I tapped on Blowout to que it for a wake up. On wake up it went off but was blocked by Valentine, block sound and block animation but...
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    Characters Adjust Armed Forced Cerebella's Special

    issue: Armed Forces Cerebella's special last too long, it changes the pace of gameplay in a disruptive way and your only counter is that it does not proc. In the later prize fight multipliers matches become increasingly faster because of how atk scales faster than defense and HP do. This...
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    Bug - Normal Special moves displaying the wrong stats

    Phone: iPhone 6 Version: iOS 9.3.5 Bug: Two of the same move of the same rarity are displaying the incorrect affix when you tap between them in a way as to compare them, while providing the correct affix in the stat menu. Appears to be fixed if you tap a different move but will persist if you...
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    Fights Backdash safety

    I've noticed that backdashing when the ai Is holding block on your tap combo only works as a safe option in the case of Filia's backdash, which is understandable as this is her character perk. Seeing at this was a general buff to players is strange to see it only benefit Filia. This leads to...
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    Characters Bypassing Gold/Relic payments with Theonite

    *This is feedback based on patch notes* On a mechanics level, learning a skill node takes a targeted grind(character relics) and a general grind(coins). Giving the option to bypass both grinds with entirely theonite removes the feeling of character progression and might contribute to a p2w...
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    Fights Increase end game sources of exp

    After playing for nearly a month I've noticed one large issue: exp is extremely limited and yellow energy stays capped most of the day. Currently for leveling a character we have 2 ways: Prize Fights and Event Fights. Event fight exp only last 13 matches which makes it a weak source of exp...
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    Prize Fight- No Pain No Gain

    What do you guys think of this PF so far? It's a lot harder than previous ones and I'm surprised my 3.7k RE BB can take 6 BB3s before dying. Being able to kill opponents in 1 tap is an absolute must. Otherwise you'll have to drop your combo before they build bb3 and hope the next touch will...